Tractor Packages

Virginia Tractor offers a lineup of tractor packages curated to tackle the specific needs of your property. Each package features a versatile compact tractor with carefully picked implements, ensuring efficiency and productivity for tasks on your lawn, small farm, or property. Get the best value for your investment by exploring the range of tractor packages available!

task master

Task Master

Now $23,999.00, $243/month - $6,000 Worth of Savings


Now $21,999.00, $219/month - $5,000 Worth of Savings!
plot boss

Plot Boss

Now $26,499.00, $271/month. - $7,000 Worth of Savings!
Land Boss tractor package

Land Boss

Now $24,499, $252/month
The Cardinal tractor package

The Cardinal

Now $23,999, $247/month
The Landscaper tractor package

The Landscaper

Now $19,999, $205/month

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