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From optimizing yields to streamlining labor management, the backbone of your operation isn't just horsepower – it's data. Elevate your farming operation with cutting-edge information technology. John Deere stands at the forefront of Precision Ag technology, and at Virginia Tractor, we offer several solutions designed to reduce input costs, boost yields, and ensure your farm's success.

Explore our Precision Ag Technology solutions with these quick links:

Operations Center

Manage your farm from anywhere with the John Deere Operations Center, your online farm management system. Through your Operations Center, oversee crucial aspects of your operation, from planning work to monitoring job quality and analyzing data.

Equipment Mobile

Get connected to your equipment instantly with the Equipment Mobile app. Access all your machine's vital information, including implements, data, and reference guides, right from your fingertips.

Connected Support

The Connected Support software is designed to make your John Deere equipment as smart and efficient as possible. The software can track any fleet of John Deere machines, monitor vehicle health, simplify maintenance, and scheduling, increase vehicle uptime, and more.

AutoTrac and JD Link

AutoTrac Guidance systems are revolutionizing the way your machines navigate. With GPS technology, your machine can accurately navigate fields and cut down on overlapping without intervention from an operator. Elevate your efficiency further by integrating AutoTrac with JD Link, enabling remote monitoring of your machine's status and location, ensuring control and insight from anywhere, anytime.

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