Emergency Parts & Service Hotline

We understand that you work hard, and sometimes that means late into the evening, early in the morning, or thru the holiday weekend. We have an Emergency Hotline available if your operation requires assistance that cannot wait until the next business day. This line is not to schedule pick up and deliveries, to inquire about equipment already in our shops, or other general requests. Emergency means, you need to be back up and running before 8am the next day at any cost.

We try our hardest to give our technicians, parts employees, and support personnel time with their families and much needed rest. However, if you need us, we are here and will do our best to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Emergency Hotline Fees:

Emergency Hotline Dispatch/Truck Fee: $100.00

Technician Labor Rate for Emergency hours call, per technician:  $200.00/hour

Parts Department Dispatch Fee: $100.00

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