Customer Testimonies

We strive to offer all of our customers, no matter the size of the equipment, with five star customer service. We believe that honsety, integrity and service for the foundation for lasting customer relationships. But, don't just take it from us... listen to what our customers are saying!

We have been customers for over a decade for both farm tractors and lawn tractors. I have been extremely pleased with the level of service I have received. I have no complaints and everything has been done to my complete satisfaction. As an example, a major problem cropped up during the process of completing several repairs on my lawn tractor. They treated me fairly and quickly resolved the problem to my complete satisfaction. These people will go the extra mile for you, especially Brandon Brown. I highly recommend them and their John Deere products to everyone.

- David W.
Berryville, VA

Just want to let you know what an excellent job Bryant did helping me purchase my first decent tractor. He's my trusted advisor and I consider him a friend.

I paid him the ultimate complement by sending him a referral today.

- Guy H.

By the way from the day the tractor was delivered to last weekend I put about 8 hrs on it and am very pleased with what it can do. It is a very impressive machine. I think it is sized perfectly for doing large yard work without having the size of a large farm tractor. It obviously has limitations to what it can lift or push over or pull out but it can do all of those far better and faster than I can by hand. I have already come up with about a 10 to 1 ratio for work hrs. Two projects I completed I had forecasted at 10 hrs each to do by hand, and each was done in about an hour with the tractor. Basically I would have needed 2 entire days off from work to complete both and instead one evening after work and before dark both were completed. That is a huge time saver for me. I will stop rambling on now but I did want to contact you after the sale and let you know that I happy with this piece of equipment.

- Dennis S.
Orange, VA

I just purchased a new John Deere Ztrak mower. A friend recommended I drive to the Warrenton store and I'm so happy I did. I worked with Cody to select the right mower. He listened to what I wanted and went out of his way to deliver a great experience. No hard sell or trying to get me to buy what was on the lot. He only cared about getting me the right machine. I met with Allen the store manager and he was very friendly and listened to feedback on my purchase. If you're looking for a Deere product, go see Cody and the team in Warrenton. I'll be buying all my equipment from them in the future.

Update July 9, 2020

Stopped in with my tubeless tire and wheel that went flat. The service counter immediately gave it to a mechanic to check out. He reseated the bead and found a hole in the tread with a soapy spray bottle. He plugged the hole and didn't charge me even after I offered to pay for the repair in good faith. I was back mowing soon after returning home. Great customer service! This is why I give my business to the team in Warrenton.

-Patrick M.

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