Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale in Warrenton, VA

Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale in Warrenton, VA

If you are a landowner with a couple of acres of lawn and your traditional mower or lawn tractor isn’t cutting it, it might be time for an upgrade. The best mower for you is most likely going to be one of our zero-turn mowers. These mowers have the power to cover large areas of land and leave no spot behind with their 360-maneuverability. At Virginia Tractor in Warrenton, we have several John Deere zero-turn mowers that will save you both time and energy while leaving you with a satisfying cut.

What are zero-turn mowers and how do they work?

Zero-turn mowers were designed to make mowing faster and easier, especially when it comes to larger areas of land. With a comfortable operator platform, this mower maneuvers through your yard effortlessly with its zero-turn radius, allowing it to move in a 360-degree motion and fit in tight spots others can’t. Instead of a steering wheel, the operator controls the speed and direction of the mower with the convenient motion-control levers placed in front of the operator. 

Why pick John Deere?

You might be wondering how John Deere’s zero-turn mowers stand out from the rest. We can give you a few reasons! John Deere’s zero-turn mowers were specifically designed with the user in mind. Operation is easy and has controls that are easy to access and use. The design also prioritizes safety with safety interlocks. The parking brake prevents the engine from starting when not engaged and the operator presence system requires the operator to be seated to operate PTO. There are also other features that increase productivity and performance such as John Deere’s signature MulchControl system that allows you to seamlessly switch from side-discharging to mulching. Are you convinced, yet?

What are your zero-turn mower options?

At Virginia Tractor we offer both residential and commercial zero-turn mowers. Our residential lineup consists of 3 different series which are the Z300, Z500, and Z700. The residential mowers have speeds ranging from 7-10 mph. There are also 3 mower deck options including the Accel Deep mower deck available on the Z300 and Z500 Series, the High-Capacity mower deck option available on the Z500 and Z700 Series, and the High-Capacity PRO deck available exclusively on the Z700 Series. 

The commercial options in the Z900 Series pack more power and torque so the mowers can last longer and be used more often to accommodate larger or multiple lawns. They are also made more durable and strong to get through tougher jobs. These commercial mowers also have 3 mower options to choose from which include the 7 Iron PRO Side Discharge deck, the MulchOnDemand deck, and the FastBack PRO Rear Discharge deck. 

For more help deciding which zero-turn mower is best for you, contact us today or visit our Warrenton location. We look forward to assisting you!