Wheel Loader for Sale in Fauquier County, Virginia


Wheel Loader for Sale in Fauquier County, Virginia

Compact Wheel Loader


What is a Compact Wheel Loader?

Compact Wheel Loaders function very similarly to full-sized wheel loaders. They are frequently used on construction sites for loading and unloading materials but are also a great addition to agriculture operations. As their names suggest, they are smaller in size than their larger counterparts and are designed for lighter duty work. Wheel loaders are also frequently called front loaders and scoop loaders. Because these machines are built for very specific tasks rather than a wide variety of tasks, John Deere focused on making them excel in that area, loading. If your operation entails any variation of moving materials whether it be gravel, dirt, hay, feed, or any other sort of product, these machines were literally made for you.

What Can You Use a Compact Wheel Loader For?

As we touched on before, wheel loaders are designed for all things loading-related. Compact wheel loaders are great to use on construction sites, farms, dairies, and even for landscaping. On construction sites, they can be used to haul and load rocks, scoop dirt, and move debris. On farms and dairies, they can be used for hauling hay, feed, dirt work, and loading manure. Landscaping businesses can use these for leveling stumps, hauling mulch, doing dirt work, and digging holes for planting trees. Because compact wheel loaders are significantly lighter than full-size wheel loaders, they can be used for landscaping and not tear up the ground.

What Attachments Can You Use With a Wheel Loader?

John Deere has a variety of different attachment options for compact wheel loaders. 

  • Buckets (Construction, Grading, Light Material, Multi-Purpose, Rock, Rollout, Tooth, Utility, Side-Discharge)
  • Augers
  • Grapples
  • Bale Huggers
  • Pallet Forks
  • Bale Spears
  • Material/Manure Scrapers
  • Root Rakes
  • Brooms

Compact Wheel Loaders for Sale in Fauquier County, Virginia