Utility Tractors for Sale in Warrenton, VA 

Utility Tractors for Sale in Warrenton, VA

There is nothing more rewarding than finally being done after a full day of rigorous work. That feeling is even more rewarding when you know you produced your best work. That’s the feeling you have when you use one of our John Deere utility tractors to get the job done. At Virginia Tractor we have utility tractors for sale in Warrenton, VA that are capable of taking your operation to the next level. Available in the 5 Series and 6 Series, these machines can adapt to just about any environment and any application while delivering industry-leading performance.

Working in any space

One benefit of owning one of our John Deere Utility tractors is being able to work in a variety of spaces and conditions. Our utility tractors offer several functions that make them highly adaptable for various applications. Our small-frame 5E tractors have a 55-degree turn angle that makes them ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, even when high-torque work needs to be done. Each 5E tractor is also equipped with a front axle that provides 10 degrees of axle oscillation, thriving even on rough terrain. Larger models such as 5M and 5R are made even stronger, making them more durable and reliable for tougher conditions. Despite their bigger size, 5R and 6M models are designed with a smaller wheelbase that enable them to move at a tighter turning radius, great for flexibility when working on heavier-duty tasks.

Go beyond with impressive features

You have never had a tractor like this. With the John Deere integrated technology available in this lineup, you’ll never want to go back to manual farming again. One impressive feature is the AutoTrac guidance system. This system provides hands-free steering allowing you to make straight-line passes. This will reduce implement overlap and operator fatigue while improving your overall productivity. You can access this on your Corner Post Display. Your Corner Post Display is another unique feature that allows you to access not only AutoTrac but also critical machine data such as your transmission, hydraulics, and even your performance on a digital screen. There are a handful of other features such as the Infinitely Variable Transmission that can match your speed to your job and the lighting packages that can increase the operator visibility, there's almost nothing these tractors can’t do.

Be Comfortable

At Virginia Tractor, we not only value durable and reliable machines but also machines that will keep our customers comfortable. All of that is possible with John Deere’s spacious operator station and comfy cabs. In the open station option, the operator has more legroom due to the repositioning of loader controls. The controls are also positioned closer to the operator to reduce reach. Our cabs are even more expansive. Enjoy a climate controlled cab with air conditioning and heating options. The premium cab option available on 6M and 6R models provides the ultimate user experience with a bluetooth system, auxiliary cord connection, panoramic roof, and more.

You will never view Ag work the same when you work in one of our John Deere utility tractors. Both the 5 Series and 6 Series provide exceptional performance and introduce operators to a pleasant user experience. To get more information on our utility tractors, take a look at our inventory or contact us today at Virginia Tractor. Don’t hesitate to visit us in person at our Warrenton location. We’ll make sure you leave satisfied and eager to take a ride in these one-of-a-kind tractors.