Tractor Transmissions: Gear vs. eHydro vs. PowrReverser

Tractor Transmissions: Gear vs. eHydro vs. PowrReverser

Considering your transmission options should be a vital part of choosing your tractor. Transmissions play a vital role in your tractor’s performance by determining speeds, maneuverability, and overall longevity of your tractor. John Deere offers a variety of transmission options so you can choose the best fit for your application.


The gear transmission is what is considered the ‘old school’ option of all the transmissions. This is because it is a manual transmission that requires clutching to change range and direction. Equipped with standard high and low range, this transmission locks the tractor in one speed. Since the gear transmission sets your speed at somewhat of a cruise control, this can be ideal for applications with few directional changes such as tilling or plowing. However, if your job requires much back and forth movement such as loader applications, the gear transmission could potentially slow you down and cause you to put in extra work.


John Deere’s signature PowrReverser transmission makes directional changes easier with clutchless forward and reverse shuttle shifting. The reverser lever is conveniently located on the left side of the instrument console. This can save time and increase productivity with loader, turf, and transport work. The transmission features 12 reverse and 12 forward speeds and 3 ranges. It is also equipped with both hand and foot throttle controls.


The John Deere exclusive eHydro transmission is a three-range electronic hydrostatic transmission. It not only offers clutchless directional changes but instead of using a lever you can use convenient TwinTouch foot pedals to go forward and backward for fast and easy control. The eHydro transmission allows you to access infinite variable ground speeds so you can match your speed to your job. Another advantage of having the eHydro transmission is convenient controls such as SpeedMatch, LoadMatch, and MotionMatch, and other automotive-style cruise control pulls.

When you finally find the right transmission for you, make sure to get it serviced regularly so you can continue to push forward on the field. Our service department is staffed with trained technicians who can take care of all routine transmission maintenance such as changing transmission oil, checking gear box, and other services. Whatever service you need, Virginia Tractor has technicians who can get the job done efficiently.

To get more information on our transmissions and to find your perfect match don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest Virginia Tractor today!