Tractor Packages for Sale in NOVA


Tractor Packages for Sale in NOVA

What you need in a tractor is different from what your neighbor needs, even if they have the same size property as you- which is why we let you design your own tractor packages. At Virginia Tractor, you get to completely customize your own package. You choose your tractor, you choose your attachments and implements, and we bundle them together for one affordable price. Check out the tractors and attachments we have for sale that you can use to build your perfect tractor package.

Tractor Package

Create Your Own (Tractor + Attachment)

Choose Your Tractor:

1 Series

Are driveway maintenance and yard work on your to-do list? John Deere 1 Series tractors are designed for first-time tractor owners and small landowners. They are perfect for giving your yard a crisp cut and leveling out your driveway. These tractors are small enough and light enough that they won’t tear up your grass when you’re mowing.

1 Series Tractor

1E and 1R

22.4 hp - 23.9 hp

1023E, 1025R

2 Series

Ready to have a machine that can tackle all things landscaping-related and not just the mowing? John Deere 2 Series tractors are the ultimate small landscaping tractors. Take on tasks like mowing, gardening, and hauling landscaping materials.

2 Series Tractor


24.2 hp - 36.7 hp

2025R, 2032R, 2038R

3 Series

In the market for a compact and easy-to-use tractor you can use for land maintenance and tending to animals? John Deere 3 Series tractors are jacks of all trades. They are great for use around the yard and around the farm. Designed with operator comfort and efficiency in mind, these tractors are a dream to operate
3 Series Tractor

3D, 3E, 3R

24.7 hp - 45.3 hp

3025D, 3025E, 3032E, 3033R, 3035D, 3038E, 3039R, 3043D, 3046R

4 Series

Looking for a small yet powerful tractor to use around your farm for chores? John Deere 4 Series tractors are made for the job. With optional heat and AC cabs, spacious operators stations, and durable design, these tractors make long workdays doable.
4 Series Tractor

4M and 4R

43.1 hp - 65.9 hp

4044M, 4044R, 4052M, 4052M Heavy Duty, 4052R, 4066M, 4066M Heavy Duty, 4066R

5 Series

Needing a tractor that can do more than small compact tractors? John Deere 5 Series tractors are capable of doing jobs commonly reserved for large utility tractors but have a smaller frame. They are great for use on produce farms, hay farms, ranches, and landscaping operations.
5 Series Tractor

5E, 5M, and 5R

50 hp - 125 hp

5045E, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E, 5075M, 5085E, 5085M, 5090E, 5090EL Low-Profile, 5090M, 5090R, 5100E, 5100M, 5100R, 5115M, 5115R, 5125ML Low Profile, 5125R

Choose Your Attachment(s) & Implement(s):

When you are creating your compact tractor package, you can include attachments/implements. Below are some of our most popular options:

- Box Blade

If you have a gravel or dirt driveway, having a box blade will allow you to transform your driveway. You can say goodbye to the rugged washboard finish and hello to a smooth-level finished driveway. These are also great for leveling dirt parking areas, gardening spots, and building sites for sheds. Box blades are your ticket to having a smooth and level yard.

- Rotary Cutter


If you have brush on your property, this implement is a must-have. We have rotary cutters to fit each tractor series. Depending on what size tractor you choose, you can take on overgrown fields, roadside mowing, and even clear riding trails. Our rotary cutters are designed to withstand rigorous labor and hours of operation.

- Loader

Perhaps one of the most versatile and useful attachments you can get is a loader. When used in conjunction with a bucket, you can haul materials for feeding, gardening, repairing fence rows and anything else you need it for. You can also use a loader with pallet forks and grapples.