Tractor Mechanic in Fauquier Co. Virginia

Tractor Mechanic in Fauquier Co. Virginia

Even the best tractors need a tune-up every now and then. Whether it’s a repair or just simple routine maintenance, you need a tractor mechanic who you can trust to get your tractor back in the game. At Virginia Tractor, we have a team of experienced mechanics who will ensure your tractor is in tip-top shape and will work with you every step of the way to help you get the most out of your tractor. If you are in need of a tractor mechanic near Fauquier County, let us take care of you.

What makes a good tractor mechanic?


There is no room for guessing games when it comes to handling equipment. That is why our team of technicians is properly trained and experienced in agricultural, lawn & garden, commercial mowing, and small engine equipment. Anybody can use tools, but it takes great skill and knowledge to master them. Here at Virginia Tractor, it is of utmost importance to us that our mechanics have that level of skill and knowledge.

Will work with you

We know that all of our customers are not the same. No two people have the same needs or the same budgets- and at Virginia Tractor, we are here to work with both. We offer a great variety of services from inspections to repairs. We even offer maintenance plans to stay on top of the routine needs of your tractor so you don’t have to. If transportation is an issue, don’t worry, because we offer pickup and delivery as well!


Virginia Tractor values fair and honest service and promises to never deprive our customers of either. We will always be transparent with you about what’s going on with your machine, what we recommend for the next steps, and anything else that may come up. We also vow to provide our customers with fair and honest prices for our services. Building lasting relationships with our customers is what matters most to us. 

There when you need them

We have staff available to you not only during regular working hours but at all hours of the day and night! We offer a 24/7 road service as well as 24/7 parts delivery for our agricultural and commercial accounts. We know that you can’t always choose when your machine will need parts or maintenance, and our goal is to help you get back up and running as soon as possible. For other inquiries call us or submit a service request form and we will assist you as soon as possible.

We can service your equipment even if it’s not John Deere! We’re here for you regardless of the make and model of your tractor. We promise to give you the service experience that you deserve. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your tractor. Call us or visit us today to put your tractor in good hands.