Tractor Maintenance in Orange County, VA

Tractor Maintenance in Orange County, VA

A fine tractor will give you great reward if used properly. But to get the most life out of your tractor, it is vital that you take care of it properly. You can do this by performing regular tractor maintenance. At Virginia Tractor we care about our customers in Orange County, so we want to make sure you avoid costly mistakes by effectively maintaining your tractor. Some parts of your tractor require maintenance more often than others but there are a few essential things you should stay on top of to guarantee the longevity of your tractor. 


With nearly everything that involves nuts and bolts, you gotta grease them up to avoid getting rusty. In your tractor, it is important to lubricate the areas called grease zerks or fittings on the joints and pivot points on your tractor. This will prevent wear and tear on the different moving parts of your tractor. It is also helpful to spray a liquid lubricant to moving parts every 100 hours to keep them squeak-free.

Air Filters

Air filters help your tractor by collecting dust and dirt particles from contaminating your engine. This prolongs the life of your engine and keeps it running smoothly. In order for the filters to continue doing their job, it is important to keep up with cleaning or replacing them when they get too dirty. 

Oil and Fluid Checks

Just like any other running vehicle, you must monitor your oil levels and change them every now and then to prevent damage to your machine. You should be changing your engine oil at least once a year or every 100-200 miles to keep your tractor in top shape. You should also keep an eye on other oils and fluids such as your hydraulic oil, coolant, and transmission oil to prevent damage and ensure efficient performance.


The oil keeps your tractor running but your battery is what brings it to life, so don’t neglect it. Frequently, check all electrical connections to your battery to ensure there is no damage or loose wires. It is also important that you keep your battery clean as corrosion shortens the life of your battery.

Read Your Operator’s Manual

These are just a few of the essential tasks to maintain your tractor. If you want more detailed instructions on how to keep your tractor in tip-top shape, read your owner’s manual. It will ensure you check off all the most important tasks and let you know how often to perform these tasks.

Your tractor is an asset that you have to take care of if you want to get your money’s worth. However, you don’t have to bear the responsibility alone! At Virginia Tractor we offer services and annual maintenance plans to cross everything off your maintenance checklist so you won’t have to. We offer two plans for our customers to keep your tractor running like it’s new.


  • One annual service per calendar year (scheduled between October and March)

  •  Free pickup and delivery transportation for scheduled annual service

  •  Free pickup and delivery for any warranty repairs


  • One annual service per calendar year (scheduled between October and March)

  • Free pickup and delivery transportation for scheduled annual service

  • Free pickup and delivery for any warranty repairs

  • Covers all wearable items throughout term of service plan, excluding seats and tires

When you choose Virginia Tractor, you’re in good hands for life. Fill out a maintenance plan request today or contact us for more information!