Track Loader for Sale in Northern Virginia

Track Loader for Sale in Northern Virginia

Compact construction equipment has gained popularity over the years and been useful in many applications from construction, to forestry, to agriculture. Let’s take a look at the compact track loader and discover some of the ways it can elevate your operation. The steel tracks can take you places other equipment can’t while the torque and power can help you get jobs done without any complications. If you are in Northern Virginia looking for compact construction equipment that can help you get your project rolling, Virginia Tractor has compact track loaders available that can do just that.

Reasons to own a compact track loader

Multi-terrain use

The steel tracks on CTLs are what give them their name and set them apart from other equipment. Opposed to standard wheels, the steel tracks provide stability on challenging and rough surfaces such as dirt, mud, and gravel. This is also ideal in side-slope conditions. 

Durability and Stability

Aside from being useful on a variety of terrains, the tracks work with other components to make sure the loader is firm and stable. All models come with a vertical lift boom that has a design that keeps loads close to the machine for added stability. You can get more stability in the smallest model with the optional 15.8-inch-wide track and ground pressure of 4.5 psi which enables it to work in soft underfoot conditions without any problems.


These CTLs were not made to stand still. John Deere compact track loaders are praised for their pushing power and breakout forces ranging from 4,250 to 9,250 lbs. This makes them a force to be reckoned with and capable of carrying out some serious loads. You can also boost your productivity by utilizing a wide variety of attachment options. With over 100 attachments available you can complete digging tasks, leveling and grading, along with many other jobs.

Test your limits with the compact track loaders we have for sale at Virginia Tractor. Come swing by one of our many locations in Northern Virginia and we’ll be right by your side every step of the way.