Top 5 Things to Service on Your Mower Before Spring

Top 5 Things to Service on Your Mower Before Spring

As spring approaches, so does the excitement of having a beautiful, green fresh-cut lawn. Before you fire up your mower to get to work, take the time to properly service your mower and prepare it for the busy season. Just like any other equipment, mowers need to be maintained to run to the best of their ability and to avoid any issues. We recommend that you perform maintenance at least twice a year for continuous performance and ability. So where do you start? Let us guide you. Here are 5 essential things that you need to service on your mower before the season starts.

1. Spark Plug

First things first, before you do any work on your mower it is important to disconnect your spark plug. To do this, simply remove the spark plug wire and use a wrench to remove the plug. This will prevent your mower from starting accidentally, which could save you a finger or two! After you’re done with your other maintenance tasks, you’ll want to install a new one. This is essential for your mower to run properly, and an overworked spark plug can prevent your mower from starting altogether. 

2. Oil

After the winter season, whether your mower was busy or idle, it’s likely that your oil has gotten old or low. So before the season starts, this is a good time to change out your oil, as well as the oil filter. Look at your owner’s manual or give us a call for the specific type of oil for your mower. Before replacing the oil, drain your old oil out into an appropriate container. Then add the new oil and install a new oil filter.

3. Air Filter

Next, turn your attention to the air filter. A dirty air filter can get in the way of your mower giving its best performance. Keep the clean air circulating by swapping out your old soiled air filter for a new one. This will allow your engine to run more efficiently and can save you from burning too much gas.

4. Blades

A ragged cut can ruin a mowing job. That is why you want to make sure your blades are in tip-top shape. Inspect your blades to see if there are any damages, dents, or chips. If everything looks fine, it still might be a good idea to sharpen your blades to avoid any dull cutting. You can do this yourself or bring it into Virginia Tractor and let one of our technicians do it for you.

5. Fuel Filter

Last but not least, to ensure your mower runs smoothly during the spring you need to change out your fuel filter. This filter keeps your carburetor free from debris. To change it out, use pliers to remove hose clamps from the old filter. Then pull off the hoses, gas side first, and attach a new fuel filter. When the new fuel filter is in place, reattach both hoses and the hose clamps.

You can knock out most of these with the help of John Deere’s Home Maintenance kit which includes oil, an oil filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs. If you don’t want to carry the burden of doing it yourself, you can always reach out to us at Virginia Tractor and one of our service technicians can have your mower tuned up in no time. To add extra convenience, we also offer maintenance plans that we have you taken care of every year. Contact us if you have any questions!