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Every farm needs a robust, do-it-all machine to handle the wide variety of chores and projects that crop up every day. For those general utility needs, the John Deere 6120E is the perfect workhorse. Virginia Tractor knows the value these machines bring to the farm, which is why we offer the John Deere 6120E for sale in Northern Virginia. So when you need a powerful utility tractor, swing into Virginia Tractor and lets us tell you why the 6120E is right for you.

John Deere 6120E

The power and versatility of the 6120E starts with FT4 PowerTech engine that pairs with either a 12/12 or 24/12 PowrReverser transmission. This combination allows for smooth power delivery and a wide range of speeds to choose from. The built-in power bulge sensor is designed to respond to changing power needs and reduction RPM fluctuation, which reduces the need to downshift in tough situations. This improves productivity while saving on wear and tear.

Speaking of wear and tear, the 6120E is set up with a reasonable engine service schedule that coordinates with the overall tractor service schedule to keep you productive by reducing downtime so you can stay in the field. While we’re discussing those service schedules, now would be a great time to remind you that Virginia Tractor is home to an incredible service department full of highly trained and experienced service technicians to help you stay on schedule and budget for years to come.

All the engine power and transmission options in the world aren’t worth much if you can’t do anything with them, and that’s why the 6120E is set up to handle any imaginable task by accepting a huge selection of implements. The powerful and fully reversible PTO can handle anything from digging post holes to pulling mowers to making and hauling hay bales, this tractor really can do it all. The PTO is easy to operate too, as a simple push/pull system independent from the tractors drive system. So stopping and shifting the tractor won’t affect implement operation.

John Deere 6120E

True to the John Deere attention to detail, all this capability and versatility is overseen from a comfortable and intuitive operator’s station designed based on user feedback and needs. Common sense features like the 15-degree swivel seat, organized control panel within easy reach and even a removable instructors seat, all make an appearance in the 6120E cab. Opt-in for the enclosed model and a fully climate controlled experience is all yours, making for comfortably productive days all year long.

Virginia Tractor is dedicated to helping you be as productive as possible and that’s why we stock the best tractors on the market. So if you’re looking to find a John Deere 6120E for sale in Northern Virginia, look no further than Virginia Tractor. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff show you all the options and value that can be had from this incredibly versatile tractor.

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