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The John Deere 4 Series tractors are designed the thread the needle between full-sized and compact utility tractors and they fill this role perfectly. Fully designed and built not far from home in their Georgia factory, the 4 Series is the true realization of American made power and productivity. At the 4044R sits near the top of that range. Which is why Virginia Tractor carries a full stock of John Deere 4044R tractors for sale in central Virginia.

John Deere 4044R

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The first thing you’re going to notice about the 4044R is the distinctive styling. The aggressively curved hood and the wraparound headlights draw the eye very easily. But it’s more than a fashion statement. The hood is curved to allow for maximum visibility and clearance, while the wraparound lights allow for a wider and more even field of vision at night. Nothing on the 4044R is designed without productivity and performance in mind.

This performance-centered ethic extends to the power train. An incredibly powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine works in tandem with both the e-Hydro and PowrReverser transmissions to deliver seamless performance over even the roughest terrain and through the hardest tasks. The 4R Series also has an optional e-PTO that lets you get the standard PTO power at lower engine RPMs, meaning better fuel economy, especially in light duty jobs.

John Deere 4044R

Even the cab is designed for maximum efficiency without sacrificing any comfort. After all, operator comfort means longer days are easier and less stressful. With this dynamic in mind, John Deere sweated the tiniest detail when laying out the operators station. Entry and exit is easy with the wide, open platform. And a 15-degree swivel seat makes checking on rear mount implements and towed equipment a breeze. The 4044R can also be outfitted with an air-ride seat and ComfortGard cab, which is a 4R Series exclusive. Full enclosure and fingertip controls for heating and cooling means you can tackle the toughest tasks all year long.

The John Deere 4R Series is the perfect large compact tractor, with everything you need and a few extra bells and whistles to keep productivity high in even the roughest conditions. You can count on Virginia Tractor to maintain a full selection of 4044R tractors in central Virginia for this very reason. So swing on in and let our John Deere expert staff help you find the 4044R for you.

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