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john deere rotary cutter

Rotary cutters are fairly simple machines, but they undergo incredible amounts of stress from all directions during operation. This is why you should invest in rotary cutters made by a brand you trust, like John Deere. When you go searching for a John Deere rotary cutter for sale near Washington DC, look no further than Virginia Tractor. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff and experienced service technicians can not only help you find the perfect cutter for your application but can also make sure it runs like new for as long as you need it to.

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RC20 Rotary Cutter


The RC20 was designed with the small landowner in mind. This nimble, rugged rotary cutter comes in 4 different cutting widths, from 4 to 7 foot and can handle brush up to one inch in diameter. This cutter is perfectly designed for navigating around paddocks and food plots where larger cutters simply won’t fit. Don’t make the mistake of thinking nimble means fragile, however. The RC20 is designed to withstand years of use with only the most minimal of maintenance. The powder-coat paint helps keep your cutter rust resistant and the gearbox is covered by a two-year warranty. For smaller cutting situations, the RC20 is the perfect rotary cutter.

MX Series Cutter

mx series cutter

The MX Series cutters fit right in the middle of the lineup.  These mid-sized, medium duty cutters are perfect for larger open pastures that need regular trimming. With cutting widths ranging from 5 feet all the way to 10 feet, the MX Series fits well in a variety of situations. Designed to cut brush up to 2 inches in diameter, these cutters are the real deal. The MX Series features John Deere’s double deck design, built to help your cutter withstand abuse from all directions. The MX Series also has an optional Flex-Wing model for cutting on uneven terrain. It may be billed as only mid-duty, but the MX Series of cutters means business.

hx series cutter

The HX Series is John Deere’s heavy-duty cutter line up. Complete with all the features found on the lighter series, the HX lineup has thicker steel and stronger bearings that the MX Series. This allows the HX Series to handle cutting brush and saplings of up to 4 inches in diameter without breaking a sweat and it can do this in available cutting widths of 6 to 14 feet. This makes the HX perfect for mowing down rough roadsides or reclaiming overgrown pasture. Like the MX Series before it, the HX Series also offers Flex-Wing models for mowing even the most unforgiving terrain.

CX Series Mowers

cx series mower

When heavy duty just doesn’t cut it, you need the commercial grade CX Series of mowers. This series is built with the professional mower in mind, capable of withstanding long and difficult days of use cutting fields of brush up to 4 inches in diameter in widths as large as 20 feet. The blades can be adjusted to cut in a range from 45 degrees above and 22 degrees below parallel. Combined with the standard Flex-Wing configuration, there's no ditch or ravine that this rotary cutter can’t mow. When it’s all over, the CX Series can also fold up to a transport width of only 9 feet, making travel between jobs smooth and easy.

When you need a rotary cutter, for whatever application, Virginia Tractor can help you find the perfect one. We carry a full lineup of John Deere rotary cutters for sale near Washington DC. Swing on in today and let our highly-trained staff help you pick out the perfect rotary cutter for your application and budget.

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