Skid Steer for Sale in Fairfax County, VA

Skid Steer for Sale in Fairfax County, VA 

John Deere skid steers are great options for those looking for compact equipment with a big impact. The G series includes 6 models that are adaptable for many applications from landscaping, to construction and even farm work. Whether you are working on a small-scale project or need heavy-duty power there is a model that can get the job done. These machines are highly efficient and powerful and they can benefit any landowner. 

Why should I own a skid steer?

Due to the machine’s compact size, skid steers, especially the small frame skid steers such as 316GR and 318G, are great for transporting from site to site. The small frame skid steers have overall weights under 7,000 lbs and they have front- and rear-end tie downs that make them easy and convenient to trailer.

If you need compact construction equipment for working in small spaces or interior spaces, a skid steer is a great option. The way to operate a skid steer is unique because it uses differential steering to operate. This allows the operator to make zero-degree radius turns which is ideal for tight spaces. Our small frame skid steers also offer a two-speed option that provides faster transport options for higher productivity.

Skid steers are not your average construction vehicles. They can work efficiently not only in construction applications but also applications such as landscaping and even agricultural work. All of our skid steers come equipped with a universal Quik-Tatch allowing you to switch out an array of implements that best suits your job.

What can I do with a skid steer?

Because skid steers are compatible with such a diverse range of implements, there are many possibilities as to what you can do with this vehicle. From small-scale construction projects to heavy-duty jobs, a skid steer can take on all kinds of projects.

Transport and Distribute Materials
The most common use of a skid steer is to transport or load materials. For loading and distributing materials, buckets are your go-to. We offer a number of buckets including multi-purpose buckets, rock buckets, side-discharge buckets, and rollout buckets. The vertical lift boom available on the 318G, 330G, and 332G models offers more lift height and stability, making it ideal for this type of task. The pallet fork is another attachment that can be used to transport bigger materials like pallets or logs.

Clearing Land or Jobsite
A skid steer is also commonly used for land clearing jobs and getting rid of debris. This can be done with a number of attachments. Grapples or root rakes are excellent for handling larger materials such as trees, brush, or scrap materials from disaster or jobsite cleanup. Buckets can also be useful for gathering leftover materials such as dirt, soil, rocks, or debris.

A skid steer thrives in any task involving dirt, this includes digging and trenching. With the right attachment, you can dig up anything from post holes to trenches. The best attachments for earth-moving tasks include backhoes, augers, or trenchers.

Cutting and Shredding
Tractors aren’t the only machines capable of working with plant material. For removing trees, weeds or brush, a skid steer can be useful as well. To eliminate wild grasses or brush, a rotary cutter is the perfect tool to pair with your skid steer. You can also use attachments such as stump shredders or mulchers to break down trees and wooden material.

Skid steers can be very beneficial for landscaping work. Use attachments such as tillers and power rakes to prep land for gardens, seedbeds, or new developments. Nursery forks can also be utilized in landscaping projects for transporting balled and burlapped trees. 

Agricultural work
Some of the previously mentioned tasks can be useful around the farm, but skid steers can also perform other tasks that are more specific to agricultural environments. You can transport and handle bales with the bale hugger attachment or the bale spear attachment. Scrapers can also be useful to farmers for cleaning up wet or sloppy materials such as mud, manure, or even snow.

Skid steers have many capabilities and at Virginia Tractor we are more than happy to help you discover what they can do for your next project. Request a quote today or come visit us at your nearest Virginia Tractor location.