Used Equipment for Sale in Warrenton, VA

Buying used equipment is a great way to save money while still getting the viable equipment you need. With a careful eye and a reputable dealership, buying used equipment can be a painless experience, and you can get some great deals that will last you for years. If you’re looking for used equipment for sale in Warrenton, VA, then stop by Virginia Tractor today.

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Knowing what to look for when purchasing used equipment can be the difference between getting a great deal and getting stuck with a lemon. While working with a reputable dealership like Virginia Tractor can help you be assured that you’re looking at top-notch inventory, it still pays to keep a few things in mind when shopping.

One of the first things you’re going to want to look for is rust and wear on the major mechanical parts of the equipment. Wear and rust spots are unavoidable in agricultural equipment. It’s just a part of spending long days working in fields and out in the weather. But inordinate amounts of rust on newer machines can indicate that the equipment was improperly stored or not well cared for. You’ll also want to check for rot on tires and in any hoses. Check hose fittings as well, as those can come loose over the years of constant seasonal weather changes.

If the equipment you’re looking at is powered, either by its own engine or via PTO attachment, you’ll want to start it and watch it run. This is a great chance to look for any fluid leaks, listen for any unexpected clunking and make sure all the fittings and connections hold up under use. If you’re testing a tractor’s hydraulic system, for instance, you’ll want to attach a loader and lock it in its highest position for a while to make sure it doesn’t experience any leaks or drop-offs in power.

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You’ll also want to make sure that any equipment that requires regular service comes with those service records. This is where working with a reputable dealer really comes in handy. Often, people will buy and sell equipment at the same place they get that equipment serviced. So dealers will often have accurate records on hand. Detailed service records can tell you a great deal about a piece of equipment’s history and condition.

No matter what kind of used equipment you’re in the market for, working with a dealer like the Virginia Tractor in Warrenton, VA will help you find a great deal. Drop by today for an up-to-date look at our used inventory and talk with our sales team.