Lawn Mowers for Sale in Leesburg, VA

Keeping a tidy lawn can sometimes be a challenge. It doesn’t help that there are so many choices in lawn mowers out there. Knowing what the best type of mower for your lawn is can be challenging. Luckily John Deere makes a number of outstanding mower lines, perfect for whatever type of mowing lays ahead. Virginia Tractor has these lawn mowers for sale near Leesburg, VA. Drop in today and see which one fits you the best.

Riding Mowers
John Deere mower
John Deere makes a number of riding mowers ranging from the super basic to the options laden and everything in between. You can start at the 100 Series, for the most basic but rugged ride on mowers. Comfortable and power, these mowers are more than sufficient for the average homeowner with a smaller lawn. You can move up through the range to the X300 and X500 Series. Both of these offer considerable power upgrades and larger, roomier operator stations to improve comfort. 

If you want to see everything that a riding mower can be, check out the X700 Signature Series. This line has the most powerful engines as well as the widest mower decks. It also has a number of features, like a front and rear hitch and hydraulic control valves that make it almost a tractor in miniature. The X700 can handle so much more than mowing. 

Zero Turn Mowers

John Deere zero turn mower
The John Deere residential zero-turn mowers are great for homeowners who have larger plots or complex landscaping. These nimble and fast mowers cover a lot of ground and are designed to do so quickly without compromising on the quality of the cut. The Z300 Series offers all the benefits of a zero-turn mower in an affordable, easy to manage package. This entry level series is more than enough to get you started. If you need a little more power and speed, or your yard is a little larger, you can look at the Z500 series.

The real cream of the crop, however, is the Z700 zero-turn mower Series. Built with many pieces of commercial grade equipment, this mower is able to handle the largest and most unruly of lawns. It’s also perfect for large landowners and hobby farmers who need to manage growth over substantial acreage.

Compact Tractors

John Deere 1 Series

Although not exclusively a mower, you can’t really mention John Deere lawn mowers without talking about the incredibly versatile 1 Series compact tractors. These capable machines are built to handle any lawn keeping and landscaping tasks. At not much larger than a standard ride-on mower, they provide a substantial amount of work capacity in a tiny package. This makes them extremely popular among homeowners for good reason. With a front hitch, rear hitch, hydraulic system and independent PTO, they can run all sorts of implements like front loaders, backhoes and tillers.

One of the places they really shine, however, is in their ability to do all that while providing a nice cut for your lawn. The AutoConnect mid mount mower deck makes it easy and simple to go from doing heavy loader work to cutting grass. Since the deck connects simply by driving the tractor over it, you never even have to leave your seat to get it attached. The 1 Series compact tractors are the perfect mower for people who need a little more than just a mower.

Regardless of what size lawn you need to cut, John Deere makes a mower that fits the bill. Whether you’re navigating a pool, cutting huge swaths of land or digging in on some landscaping there is a lawn mower for you. Drop in to your Purcellville Virginia Tractor, near Leesburg today and take one for a test drive!