John Deere X300 Lawn Mowers for Sale near Washington, DC

The John Deere X300 Select Series ride-on lawn mowers are a great addition to any garage. Powerful and easy to use, they serve as a perfect all-around mower and even pull double as a utility with the right selection of attachments. If you’re looking for John Deere X300 lawn mowers for sale near Washington, DC then give Virginia Tractor a call and let us show you everything this remarkable mower can do.

John Deere X300 Series mowers

With power ranges from 18.5 to 22 horsepower, there’s more than enough grunt in any model of the X300 line to handle mowing not only at a solid speed (over 6 mph on some models), but up any inclines that your land may have. To further help you navigate your lawn, many models feature low effort, 4 wheel steering or even full on 2 wheel and 4 wheel power steering. No matter what setup you choose, you can rest easy knowing that it will still be remarkably easy to drive your lawn mower. No need to worry about shifting or operating a clutch. The John Deere TwinTouch pedal system lets you change directions just by changing pedals. 

In addition, the John Deere X300 Series comes with a large, easy to use digital display to help you monitor engine speed and fuel levels. The optional mulch control kit can be operated with a single button placed within easy reach. And the deck angle can be adjusted using the Exact Adjust Deck Leveling System, operated with a handle placed just below the seat. Everything is made easy, intuitive and convenient.

The mowing itself is handled by your choice of a 42 inch, 48 inch or 52 inch (on select models) AccelDeep mower decks. These strong decks are stamped from a single piece of steel, with rounded edges to not only increase durability but to also help prevent grass clippings from clumping up in corners and affecting cut quality and speed. 

And you’ll want to do a lot of mowing. The operator station is wide and comfortable. Designed to reduce fatigue and make mowing as pleasant as possible, the John Deere X300 has a number of creature comforts. A padded, open-back seat lets you stay cool on hot days, while large, intuitive and color coded controls make operation of the mower itself a breeze. 

The John Deere X300 Series lawn mowers are the perfect ride-on mower for homeowners. With all the power and comfort you’d expect from a high dollar mower in an affordable package, it makes perfect sense that you’d be looking for an X300 for sale near Washington DC. Call Virginia Tractor today and let us help you take one home!