John Deere Tractors for Sale in Charlottesville, VA

John Deere may have gotten their start making plows, but today they are famous for their legendary tractors. Over the years, these tractor offerings have grown and morphed with the industry into John Deere’s current lineup. John Deere offers 3 major categories of tractor, the compact utility tractor, the large ag row crop tractors and specialty tractors. No matter what kind of tractor you’re looking for, Virginia Tractor has John Deere tractors for sale in Charlottesville, VA to meet your needs.

John Deere tractor

Compact Utility Tractors

The compact utility tractor is a huge line from John Deere that covers four different sizes of machine, and a huge range of power and performance options. The smallest end of the compact tractor line is the 1 Series. About the same size as a large ride-on mower, this subcompact tractor brings all the versatility of a tractor, with it’s many attachments and implements, to the homeowner. As you move up through the compact tractor lines, the 2 Series, 3 Series and 4 Series all offer increasingly powerful engines and hydraulic systems.

The 2 Series makes an excellent tractor for a small landowner or landscaping fleet. The 3 Series fits in well in smaller livestock operations and moderately sized producers. The 4 Series, being the largest of the compact tractors, works exceptionally well as an all around workhorse on large production farms and raches. Whatever your specific needs and goals, the John Deere compact tractor lineup has a tractor for you.

Row Crop Tractors

John Deere 8 series

For the professional, municipal fleet or large scale producer, the John Deere row crop tractors fit need for even more power and versatility. In addition to producing gobs of power, these tractors also feature the latest in John Deere Precision Ag technology. This allows you to make the most of the tractors by tracking and reporting in real time on their performance, fluid efficiency, location and more. All this allows you to manage multiple machines across a number of fields, all from a single location.

The 6 Series works as a capable utility tractor and row crop tractor, capable of towing large ag implements like plants, plows and sprayer. The 7 Series is built around high horsepower engines and a lightweight frame to improve fluid efficiency, with an eye towards making transport and hauling that much easier. The 8 Series is a fully decked out, extremely powerful row crop tractor that can be had in both wheeled and track models.

Specialty Tractors

Sometimes, you need a very specific tractor for a very specific purpose. Built on the versatile 5 Series platform, these tractors are purpose built to go where normal tractor can’t go or where their use would be impractical. Though built to fit in various specialized applications, this doesn’t mean they sacrifice any power or capabilities. They can still serve as utility tractors around the farm if needed.

The specialty tractors break down into three different types, depending on what you need them for. For orchards, nurseries and chicken houses, the 5ML series of low profile tractors is the way to go. These tractors reduce height by a significant amount, keep you and the equipment out of the way of roofs and tree limbs that could damage both the tractor and your crop. If you keep tighter than normal rows between crops, like at a vineyard, then the narrow series tractors are built specifically for you. Finally, if you have high growing crops and need a little extra clearance, the high crop-high clearance line is for you. 

Regardless of the application, John Deere makes a tractor to fit your needs and finish your projects. Whether you’re an ambitious homeowner, a small fleet operator or a large agricultural producer, there is a John Deere tractor that has been purpose built for you. Drop by your Charlottesville, VA Virginia Tractor location today and find the John Deere tractor for you.