John Deere S240 Lawn Mowers for Sale in Fairfax County

The John Deere S240 manages to combine the smooth and powerful drivetrain of the more expensive X300 series mowers in a more economical package. This makes it ideal for homeowners who value cutting performance and power without all the bells and whistles that typically come with a more powerful drivetrain. So if you’re looking for a John Deere S240 Lawn Mower for sale in Fairfax County, swing by Virginia Tractor today. 


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The biggest draw of the S240 is the powertrain. The V-Twin design provides lower vibration and noise levels while still delivering incredible power and torque at low and mid ranges to handle hilly and uneven terrain. The power is delivered to the wheels through a hydro/automatic transmission that allows the operator an infinite choice of ground speeds while allowing for quick and seamless changes of direction. Should you choose to maintain a single set speed, the S240 also comes with an easy to use cruise control.

The S240 features The Edge cutting system, which has a number of advantages through its unique deck design. The deeper deck allows for a cleaner cut by lifting grass while the smooth underside prevents clumping and clogging. Upgraded spindles and a top discharge system combined with a rolled outer edge increase durability, while larger anti-scalping wheels let you mow hilly terrain smoothly. 


The operator's station is also designed with an eye towards performance by reducing operator fatigue and putting controls within easy reach. The open-back seat is adjustable forward and rearward and it sits on rubber isolators to smooth out the ride. The footrest area features large, non-slip, vibration dampening footpads and a wider overall area for ease of entry and exit.

By combining the power and performance of John Deere’s higher-end lawn tractors with the affordability and simple focus of the more economical lines, the S240 is perfectly positioned for the discerning homeowner. Come by our Manassas location today and let our expert sales staff show you why the John Deere S240 lawn mower is right for you.

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