John Deere Lawn Mowers for Sale in Charlottesville, VA

John Deere lawn mowers bring John Deere quality to the homeowner. From straightforward ride-on mowers to high-speed zero turns and even compact tractors, John Deere makes a variety of lawn mowers for the discerning homeowner. If you’re looking for a John Deere lawn mower for sale in Charlottesville, VA, then come by Virginia Tractor today!

Lawn Tractors
John Deere mowers

John Deere ride-on mowers span a wide range of models. From the basic, no-frills E100 Series to the fully optioned X700 Series powerhouses. There’s something for everyone in these lines. If don’t need anything more from your mower than a machine that’s easy to own and drive, then the E100 Series’ focus on simplistic ownership is for you. You’ll love the John Deere Easy Change 30-Second Oil Change System. If you need something with more power and more options, then moving up the range of available mowers predictably brings more of both. By the time you reach the X700 Series, you’ll find lawn tractors with 4 wheel power steering, larger mower decks and faster top speeds.

Residential ZTrak
residential ztrak

The John Deere Residential ZTrak zero-turn mowers give homeowners access to fast, agile mowers. The residential ZTrak mowers come in 3 different lines, Z300, Z500 and Z700. As with the ride-on mowers, you can expect that power, options and speed increase as you move up the lines. The Z300 offers you top speeds of up to 7 mph with mowers decks of up to 54 inches wide. The Z500 Series steps that up by offering top speeds approaching 9 mph and mower decks as wide as 62 inches. For top mowing performance, the Z700 offers a top speed of 10 mph and a 60-inch, high-capacity mower deck. Needless to say, if you have a lot of mowing to tackle, then the residential ZTraks will get it done quickly.

1 Series Compact Tractors
john deere 1 series
If you need a lawnmower that just does more, then the John Deere 1 Series compact tractors are for you. Only a few inches longer and no wider than the larger ride-on mowers, the 1 Series will still fit comfortably in your garage. But with a standard 3-point rear hitch, independent PTO and powerful hydraulic system, the 1 Series lets you handle so much more than mowing. Equip a front loader and rear backhoe for digging and hauling. Make use of rotary tillers and box blades to dig up new flower beds. Whatever project you can think of, the 1 Series will tractor will make it easier, while also serving as a powerful lawnmower.

Regardless of what specific mowing needs you may have, John Deere has a lawnmower for you. Swing by your Charlottesville Virginia Tractor location today and talk with our sales team about test driving any of them today!