John Deere Gators for sale in Charlottesville, VA

John Deere Gators represent a huge line of utility vehicles that find themselves at home in construction sites, farms, ranches and everywhere in between. They’re versatile utility vehicles, purpose-built to haul you, your crew and your cargo anywhere you need to go. Make sure to drop by Virginia Tractor if you’re looking for John Deere Gators for sale in Charlottesville, VA.

Traditional Gators
gator 1

Built to be rugged and ready, the John Deere Traditional Gators are your worksite utility vehicles of choice. This impressively versatile platform comes in 2x4, 4x4 and 4x6 configurations so you can handle anything that might come your way. Engine choices range from efficient gas engines and powerful diesel engines to a fully electric model for worksite where noise and emissions might be a concern. The cargo box is completely modular, allowing for you to configure it fit whatever size payload you may have to deal with. Take the sidewalls off, or use the optional extenders to make them taller. Available interior dividers and 20 different tie-down points allow you to stabilize any combination of materials and cargo you may have.

Crossover Gators
gator 2
John Deere Crossover Gators fit well between the more worksite oriented Traditional Gators and the more recreationally aimed High Performance Gators. They come in two different frame sizes and provide outstanding off-road capability without sacrificing hauling and carrying capacity. Depending on whether you choose the midsize or full-size models, you can get top speeds approaching 45 mph, while still having hauling capacities of up to 1500 pounds in the larger models. Both frame sizes come in 2 and 4 person seating configurations, while the full-size Crossover Gators can also be had in a 3 across seating arrangement. This allows you to maximize hauling both your crew and your gear.

High Performance Gators
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These powerful Gators are built to provide the best in off-road performance. Powered by an Italian motorcycle engine with 62 horsepower, these gators can reach speeds over 60 mph. The independent 4 wheel suspension features FOX racing parts that make sure your wheels stay on the ground over uneven terrain. Assisted by solid anti-roll bars, lockable 4 wheel drive and an outstanding 9 inches of wheel travel, the High Performance Gator is capable of handling the roughest terrain at your ranch or out on the trails. With a cargo capacity of 400 pounds and comfortable seating for 4, you can get anywhere to do just about anything.

No matter your reason for needing a utility vehicle, the John Deere Gator has a model that fits your needs. Drop in to your Charlottesville Virginia Tractor today and take one for a test drive!