John Deere 4052R for sale near Washington D.C. | Virginia Tractor

The 4 Series tractors are John Deere’s largest in its compact utility tractor line. Their larger size allows them to fit more powerful engines while their compact stature still allows them to operate in tighter spaces. This makes them ideal for large operations that need a smaller, daily use tractor to odd jobs around the farm, or for landowners who might need a capable utility tractor around the homestead. If this sounds like you, then contact Virginia Tractor and ask about John Deere 4052R tractors for sale near Washington DC.

John Deere 4052R

Productivity with the 4052R stars with the powerful 52 hp engine. This engine is designed to run at 2600 rpm, which helps keep noise and vibration to a minimum. In addition, this also improves wear and tear while reducing fuel consumption. It comes standard with an oil cooler, designed to further improve fluid life, and an under the hood muffler to further reduce noise. In the 4052R, this engine is paired with either the standard hydrostatic transmission or the optional 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission. Both transmissions are designed to make changing directions easy, the hydrostatic with its dual pedal set up and the PowrReverser with its easy-to-reach flip lever. With either transmission, operation of the 4052R is smooth and easy, without the fatigue of having to work a clutch.

To cut down on fuel usage, the 4052R also features an optional ePTO. This PTO design allows for operators to reach the 540 PTO speed at just 1900 engine RPM. This allows you to significantly cut down on fuel consumption with lighter PTO jobs like mowing.

John Deere 4052R

The 4052Rs hydraulics are another awesome performance point. The 15.9 GPM pump delivers incredible loader performance, without losing any power steering performance and can even provide strong enough power for backhoe performance. The SCV is mid-mounted and designed specifically to provide faster and easier hookup and operation. The 4052R is also built to provide hydraulic down pressure, rather than relying on gravity to drive implements like a backhoe or hole digger.

Operator comfort is also a foremost design concern of the 4052R tractor. The seat sits atop a scissor suspension system with multiple adjustment points and can swivel 15 degrees to both the right and the left, making it easier to check on implements. You can even opt into the ComfortGard cab, which is a fully-enclosed cab system for the 4R tractor series. This cab provides great visibility, climate control and the available air ride seat. 

The 4052R represents the very best John Deere compact tractors have to offer. It combines all the power, features, reliability and comfort that you’ve come to expect from John Deere in a smaller, user-friendly package. If you’d like to see all the 4052R has to offer for yourself, come by a DC-area Virginia Tractor today.