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Looking for a compact utility tractor that can help you get the job done while being easy on your bottom line? Then you need to check out the John Deere 4044R. Engineered from the ground up to represent John Deere's brand-wide commitment to reliability, safety, flexibility, low maintenance costs and ease-of-use, the John Deere 4044R compact utility tractor may be smaller in size than the big boys, but it still features the power and toughness that has made John Deere a legend in the field and on the job site for over 180 years. Are you ready to buy a John Deere 4044R in Winchester, Virginia? Then stop in today at Virginia Tractor and check out our unbeatable selection of John Deere 4044R models. Or you can shop our full lineup online right now.

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TOUGH: There's a reason why, the world over, in any language, the name John Deere is synonymous with power, reliability, and toughness when there's work to be done. The John Deere 4044R represents that long and storied heritage of John Deere toughness in every piece, part and component. Attractive styling means you'll always represent your farm or ranch as smart enough to buy John Deere, while purpose-first details like an updated fixed grille and side panel hood design allow for optimal sealing of the cooling compartment. Wraparound-style halogen headlights with premium integrated automotive-style headlight bezels make working at night a breeze, while the optional ComfortGard cab, steeply sloped hood and hybrid exhaust give you a larger field of view from the operator position, helping you avoid obstacles and keep you safe.  

POWERFUL: Looking good only goes so far if you don't have the power to back it up. With that in mind, John Deere engineers equipped the 4044R with one of the brands most advanced naturally-aspirated diesel powerplants ever: the revolutionary Yanmar 2.2-liter four-cylinder, turning out 42.5 horsepower. With a high torque reserve for plenty of power when you need it most, the Yanmar four features internal components that are optimized for lower noise levels and greater longevity, with cast-in-block cylinder design for optimal cooling even under load, a heavy-duty crankshaft with more bearing surface, no-adjustment hydraulic lifters for quieter operation, and a standard side exhaust that discharges fumes away from the operator. Planning on using the 4044R as a loader? Loading is no problem with the 4044R's standard 12/12 PowrReverser transmission, which features clutchless hydraulic shifting between forward and reverse just by touching a lever near the steering wheel.   

EASY TO USE, AND LESS COSTLY TO OPERATE: Working hard is great, but working hard AND smart is the sweet spot, helping you maximize productivity while avoiding accidents and breakdowns that can lead to downtime and worse. The John Deere 4044R was built with safety and ease-of-use in mind, helping you get the most out of the workday and your compact utility tractor. Behind the wheel, the operator's station is designed from the get-go for easy entry and exit, with large grab handles and reinforced, rubber-trimmed foot platforms on each fender to help you avoid tangles and falls. The controls are built with operator comfort and fatigue reduction in mind, too, with conveniently placed brake pedals, intuitive color-coded controls, an improved tilt steering wheel that swings up to allow for easy ons and offs and adjusts to help the 4044R fit your frame, and an optional air-suspension seat to help keep your back from feeling every hour. Out front, the hood and fenders of are made from a rust-free polymer that has been tested to be impact resistant in arctic cold and desert heat, to provide years of trouble-free good looks.  

Packed with safety, features, reliability and legendary John Deere power the John Deere 4044R is the tractor you need if you're ready to get serious about small-to-medium chores around your farm, property or ranch. Ready to buy a John Deere 4044R in Winchester, Virginia? Then stop in today at one of our friendly and convenient locations of Virginia Tractor!

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