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Looking for a compact utility tractor that finds the happy medium between the maneuverability to get into tight spaces and the muscle to get the toughest jobs done? Then go green! John Deere green, that is, with John Deere's all-new 4044R Compact Utility Tractor! Heavy built and big on features while still being easy on your wallet, the 4044R is the compact tractor to help you work harder and smarter. Looking for a John Deere 4044R for sale in Charlottesville? Then stop in today at Virginia Tractor of Charlottesville, or check out our full selection of the John Deere 4044R at our website right now.

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BUILT WITH OPERATORS IN MIND: Situated right in the middle of John Deere's 4 Family Compact Utility Tractor series, the John Deere 4044R features legendary Deere reliability with the next-generation features you need to get small to light-heavy jobs done around your property or farm. The operator station is set high, for great visibility even when you're dealing with uneven terrain, and controls within comfortable and convenient reach of the driver. Tired of working in the hot sun when you turn to your Compact Utility Tractor? Add the John Deere 4044R's optional ComfortGard cab for superior comfort and less heat fatigue, to help you keep working hard even when temperatures soar. Like every John Deere product, the 4044R is built with durability and easy serviceability in mind, helping cut your wasted downtime with features like an easily-removable cowl and side panels, an integrated maintenance position on the grille, and on-board electronic diagnostics compatible with John Deere's Service ADVISOR system.  

THE POWER AND RELIABILITY TO GET THE JOB DONE: Under the dent-proof composite hood — proven tough against cracking, warping and impacts in temperatures ranging from 120 degrees to 30 below zero — the powerful, naturally-aspirated Yanmar diesel four-cylinder is turning out a robust 42.5 horsepower, with lower noise levels and longer engine life than ever before thanks to improvements like no-adjustment hydraulic lifters and a heavy duty crankshaft with more bearing surface. The engine is easy on fuel and the environment, too, thanks to technologies like high-pressure injection to better atomize fuel for a more complete burn, and an exhaust after-treatment system that includes a diesel particulate filter that traps most undesirable combustion products and then automatically eliminates them with the heat of the exhaust steam generated under use. Meanwhile, the 4044R's all-new PowrReverser transmission employs a hydraulically-actuated "wet clutch," for clutchless direction changes and less operator fatigue.

THE FLEXIBILITY YOU NEED, THE SAFETY YOU DESERVE: When designing the John Deere 4044R, the first job of John Deere engineers is making sure you come home safe at the end of the workday. It's a job the John Deere 4044R takes very seriously, with features like the operator presence system that shuts down the engine if the operator leaves the seat while the front or rear power take-off is engaged, a tough rollover protective hoop, a visual PTO warning light, reflective strips and more. That piece of mind will come in handy, because the 4044R is one of the most flexible compact utility tractors out there, with next-gen productivity features like Hitch Assist Ground Positioning to allow the operator to creep the tractor backward while standing behind the tractor for easy hookups, auxiliary three-point hitch control, and the revolutionary iMatch Quick-Hitch, which provides easy hookup and guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements.

Heard enough to know you're ready to buy a John Deere 4044R Utility Tractor in Charlottesville, Virginia? Then stop in today at Virginia Tractor of Charlottesville and check out all the ways the John Deere 4044R Compact Utility Tractor can help you work smarter and make the workday shorter for you! Or you can shop our selection online right now.

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