John Deere 3033R for Sale near Washington D.C. | Virginia Tractor

When only the top-of-the-line compact tractor will do, take a good look at the John Deere 3033R. Featuring the smaller engine of the 3R Series, this tractor has the bells and whistles you’d expect from a fully outfitted tractor. If you’re looking for a 3033R for sale near Washington, DC, then Virginia Tractor is the dealer for you. Drop in today and check out this remarkable tractor.

John Deere 3033R

What sets the 3R models apart from the rest of the 3 Series is not only the power and control they offer but the list of comfort options and standard equipment that’s merely optional on other models. With 33 hp, the 3033R sits comfortably in the middle of that power range. But when paired with the PowrReverser transmission, the power is more controllable and the delivery is smoother than on small models. Changing direction from forward to reverse is as simple as flipping a conveniently-placed lever. It doesn’t even require fully stopping the tractor. This makes the 3033R ideal for loader work.

When it comes to the loader, the 3033R also takes a step up over many of the other 3 Series models. The Quik-Park 320 loader can be attached and detached in less than 3 minutes and requires no tools. The 320 loader combined with a more powerful hydraulic system means it also has an improved lifting capacity of just shy of 1600 pounds. This makes it incredibly capable and allows the 3033R to handle all but the biggest lifting projects (which you’d want a larger tractor for anyway).
John Deere 3033R

Perhaps some of the biggest and most immediately recognizable improvements are the creature comforts. The 3033R is the first tractor in the 3 Series that can be outfitted with the all-weather cab. This climate-controlled cab fully encloses the operator station, allowing you to do work in any weather conditions while remaining comfortable. The cab can also be optioned with AM/FM, satellite and smartphone ready radio, with cellphone and tablet mounting abilities so you can keep the information you need close at hand while you’re on the job. 

The 3033R represents the best that the 3 Series line has to offer. With all the various options and configurations, there’s a 3033R series tractor out there than can exactly meet the needs of your operation. Whether you plan on spending every day piloting the 3033R around the farm or you just need to occasionally make use of an incredible compact tractor, drop by your DC area Virginia Tractor and check one out for yourself.