John Deere 3025E for Sale near Washington, D.C.

The John Deere 3025E is the entry model into the John Deere 3 Series compact tractors. These tractors manage to mesh together all the versatility and power of a full-sized tractor in a compact size that makes them ideal for handling work in and around tight spaces. The 3025E also serves as a perfect tractor for landowners who need a capable workhorse but don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that come with a tractor that sees use on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a 3025E for sale near Washington DC, then swing by your local Virginia Tractor location today.


Offering a capable and dependable 25 hp diesel engine, the 3025E makes enough rugged power to carry it through your toughest tasks. Paired with the hydrostatic transmission, the 3025E is remarkably user-friendly. The smooth, clutchless performance of the transmission makes it super easy to change directions by just changing pedals. This makes the 3025E great for simple loader work or any other task that may require frequent changes in direction.

The 3025E also features some ease of use improvements in attaching and detaching implements. The standard 3-point rear hitch can be outfitted with telescoping draft links or, if you so choose, you can opt into the iMatch Quick-Hitch system. This makes the attaching of rear implements so easy, you won’t even need to leave your seat. The Quik-Knect PTO shift and optional additional SCVs can limit the amount of time you spend changing implements, leaving you more time to get actual work done.

John Deere 3025E

The operator station has also seen improvements, aimed at reducing fatigue and improving comfort so you can concentrate on the job. The standard power steering operates off its own dedicated hydraulic pump. This keeps the steering smooth and predictable even during heavy loader work and makes sure it can make use of its remarkable 44-inch turning radius, no matter the circumstances. The seat is wider, taller and more padded and sits up high providing maximum visibility. The controls have been brought closer to the operator placed in intuitive positions.

The 3025E is a remarkable compact tractor that fits right into your operation as a straightforward, hard-nosed tractor that eschews frills in the name of basic, reliable operation. If you think a 3025E would fit well into your operation, then drop by your DC area Virginia Tractor today and let us show you everything it can do.