John Deere 1025R for Sale in Orange, VA

The John Deere 1025R is a powerful, versatile compact tractor perfect for first time buyers looking to add a bit of punch to their landscaping and lawn care. The 1025R is designed to bring all the capabilities of full-sized tractor to homeowners. So if you’re looking for a John Deere 1025R for sale in Orange, VA then come by your Virginia Tractor store today!

John Deere 1025R

The appeal of the John Deere 1025R starts with the powerful 25 horsepower engine. This pairs with a smooth, easy to use hydrostatic transmission. This set up removes all the complicated shifters and clutching found on larger agriculture tractors. No intimidating levers and gears. Just one pedal to move forward, and a different pedal for reverse. This makes it great for a huge variety of landscaping jobs where frequent changing of direction takes place.

Managing these jobs becomes incredibly easy with the John Deere 1025Rs convenient implement attachment systems. The front loader utilizes the Quik-Park system that allows you to attach front loaders in less than 5 minutes with no tools. The telescoping draft links at the rear hitch and the Quik-Knect PTO hookup make attaching rear implements a breeze and if that’s still too much, you can always opt for the iMatch Quick-Hitch system. This automatic system does most of the work for you. You just have to reach back and lock everything down.

And then, of course, there’s the AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. This industry leading system allows you to connect the mower deck by simply driving over it, without ever having to leave your seat. Just lower the attachment system, drive over the deck, let the system connect and you’re off to mow.

To top it all off, John Deere built the 1025R tractor with implement compounding in mind. This means that you can run the 1025R with multiple implements attached at once. You won’t to constantly swap back and forth to get stuff done. Just attach what you need at the start of the day and work until you’re finished.

All of this speaks to the John Deere 1025R tractors design with the homeowner in mind. The ease of use and straightforward controls mean you can spend more time working on your lawn and less time trying to figure out how to just get everything moving. If you’d like to see how easy it is to use, schedule a test drive at your local Virginia Tractor today.