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compact tractors in charlottesville

If you’re looking for a compact tractor in Charlottesville that you can count on to attack your toughest chores, Virginia Tractor is here to help. We carry top-notch John Deere Compact Utility Tractors, from the sturdy 1 Family up to the premium 4 Family. You can always count on exceptional John Deere quality and performance, no matter which model you select. They might not be the biggest tractors out there, but they’re still ready to take on the big jobs. Stop by Virginia Tractor in Charlottesville to get up close and personal with these machines, and let our sales professionals help you find the perfect fit.

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1 Family

From backhoes to mower decks, you can equip your 1 Family tractor with a huge variety of implements to knock out just about any chore around the property. No matter how full your day is, you can easily shift from task to task without needing to use multiple tractors. While you’re hard at work in your 1 Family tractor, you can enjoy choice features like tilt steering and a deluxe seat and suspension. These tractors are ideal for tasks like mowing, loading and tillage.

2 Family

Our John Deere 2 Family compact tractors are stable, reliable, versatile and highly maneuverable. You can easily attach and detach implements, allowing you to work efficiently with power and speed. The liquid-cooled diesel engines, heavy-duty axles and four-wheel drive make these compacts capable of challenging heavy work. The 2 Family tractors have a lot to offer, but they don’t take up a lot of room. You can easily part a 2 Family compact tractor in your garage or shed.

3 Family

Under the umbrella of the John Deere 3 Family compact tractors, you have even more options to choose from. The 3E Series puts out more power and offers more features than any other standard tractor in its class. It has a 2-foot better turning radius, so you can maneuver around the yard like never before. The 3R Series offers a long list of premium features to make you more comfortable and your tractor more capable. You can even opt for one with a climate-controlled cab!

4 Family

The John Deere 4 Family tractors are loaded with class-leading features and advanced technology. Like the 3 Family, the 4 Family offers two different series to choose from: the 4M and the 4R. The 4M Series offers all the features you love from the 3E, plus the power and stability of a full-sized tractor. The 4R Series takes control and comfort to the next level with smart features that will keep you feeling good and working hard for hours on end.

If you want to experience the capability and comfort of a John Deere compact tractor for yourself, come pay us a visit at Virginia Tractor in Charlottesville, VA. Our team is happy to show you around the equipment and answer all the questions you have. We’d love to make you part of the Virginia Tractor family!

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