John Deere Repair Service in Central Virginia


John Deere Repair Service in Central Virginia

Part of owning and operating equipment is maintaining it, and sometimes that means having to repair a portion of it. Repairs aren’t always the most fun and exciting tasks to take on, especially when you have a seemingly endless list of things to get done, which is where we come in. At Virginia Tractor, our service department can service most any and every tractor brand and model. We don’t care if it’s John Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Mahindra, or any other brand.  If you are in Central Virginia, we will find a way to help you! We understand your time is important and we are dedicated to getting you back to operating at full speed.

John Deere Service Technician

Getting a Repair

1. Realizing there is an issue

Regardless of what type of tractor or what size tractor you own, if it’s having issues, we will work on it, regardless if we sold it to you or not. Your machine could be 6 months old or 30 years old and we will still repair it. Our main goal is to get your machine running correctly so you can get back to work. We also service other machines such as lawnmowers and Gators, balers, cutters, and large ag machines.

2. Contact Virginia Tractor

Once you realize something is wrong, reach out to our Service team at Virginia Tractor. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Fill out a service request form
  • Contact the service department at your closest Virginia Tractor dealership

If you break down after hours or on the weekend and it is an emergency, you can contact us through our emergency service number: (540) 878-9634

3. Bring it in or we’ll come out

Once you contact us and let us know what is going on, we will schedule a time for you to bring your machine in for us to work on, or for us to pick your machine up. If your machine breaks down and it has to be fixed right away, we provide 24/7 road service and parts availability to agricultural and commercial accounts. We understand having equipment down is a huge inconvenience and can even be crippling to an operation, so we will work you into our schedule as soon as possible.

4. Keep in touch

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. Maybe you bought your equipment from us, maybe not, or maybe you just need to get a repair done, regardless of what brings you to us, we want to build a connection with you. We might not be working with you side-by-side on your property, but we want to know that everything is running smoothly. We want to know when you are looking for more equipment for your operation, and we want to know if there is anything else we can do to help you. Once you become part of the Virginia Tractor family, we treat you like one of our own.