John Deere Compact Tractors for Sale in Frederick Co. Virginia


John Deere Compact Tractors for Sale in Frederick Co. Virginia

John Deere designed their compact utility tractors to be a fit for everyone, whether you have just a few acres you need to maintain or you have a several-hundred-acre operation. At Virginia Tractor we carry and sell all of John Deere’s compact utility tractor series. Tractors aren’t a “one size fits all” product, which is why we provide our customers with many options to choose from. If you are in Frederick County Virginia and thinking of getting a new tractor, check out the tractors we have for sale!

The Series

1 Series

John Deere’s 1 Series tractors are considered some of the easiest tractors on the market to operate. They are designed for first-time tractor owners and landowners looking for a machine to use for landscaping. All the frequently used controls are easy to see and within arms reach. The 1 Series line-up includes two tractors: 1023E and 1025R. With 21.5 hp - 23.9 hp, these tractors have more than enough power for taking on your yard work to-do list. Knock out your mowing and mulching!

2 Series

John Deere 2 Series tractors have long been favorites for small property owners and landscaping businesses. Like the 1 series tractors, the controls are color-coded and easy to access so you can pay more attention to what you are doing and spend less time trying to find the correct lever. These tractors provided excellent power and strength for their size. With the 2 Series tractors, mowing and tilling are effortless tasks. Plant a garden, repair your driveway, feed your animals. You can use these tractors for most any task around the house.

3 Series

John Deere 3 Series tractors are made to be put to work. They are John Deere’s mid-range compact utility tractors. The 3 Series is made up of three line-ups: 3D, 3E, and 3R. Each of these tractors has the same size frame, but each line-up is designed to do slightly different types of work and provide you with a different level of features. The 3D line-up is the simplest of the 3 Series. It is made for heavy-duty tasks such as hauling heavy loads. The 3E line-up has more features than the 3D and is known as the economical line-up of the series. The tractors in the 3R line-up are premium machines that are feature-loaded and provide you with exceptional comfort and durability. With 3 Series tractors, you can take on jobs such as hauling trailers, moving hay, clearing brush, and putting in fences.

4 Series

John Deere 4 Series tractors fit right in on agriculture operations of all sizes. They are highly valued among farmers, ranchers, and landscapers. Depending on the model, you can get these tractors in both cab and open station options. If you want to enjoy the fresh air and feel the breeze on your face, the open station option is a great choice for you. If you are looking for a tractor you can be comfortable operating year-round regardless of the weather conditions, our cab option is a great fit for you. The 4 Series is made up of two line-ups: 4M and 4R. The 4M tractors provide you with all the many top-of-the-line features in an open station tractor and are available in a couple of heavy-duty options. The 4R tractors are the premium machines in the 4 Series tractors. You can get features such as Hitch Assist and Aux Hitch Control.

How The Competition Measures Up

Having a hard time deciding which brand to go with? This comparison video breaks down how John Deere 4R Series tractors compare to the Kubota L6060. After watching this video, we are confident you will have the information you need to make a good decision on which is the best fit for you.