John Deere 5 Series Tractors in Goochland County, VA 

John Deere 5 Series Tractors in Goochland County, VA

When it’s game time in the field, a John Deere 5 Series tractor can be the most valuable player on your team. This is because the 5 Series comes with all the control, power, and convenience you need to make everyday operations go smoothly. You can customize your experience by choosing from a selection of horsepower, transmission, and 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder options. There are also several compatible implements you can utilize to perform nearly any job on your property. If you are looking for a John Deere 5 Series tractor in Goochland County, check out what we have at Virginia Tractor.

5E Tractors

50-100 hp

The 5E models were made to be the economical options but still give you plenty of bang for your buck. The 3-cylinder models are ideal for land maintenance and everyday chores performed in agricultural and livestock operations. For jobs that are a little more ambitious such as lifting heavier materials or moving hay bales, the 4-cylinder models provide the power and strength you need to get the job done. 

Transmission Options

The 5E Series has 2 transmission options available to best suit your needs. The SyncShuttle 9F/3R transmission is an easy-to-use option that matches the power and torque characteristics of the PowerTech engine. This transmission has a pressure-lubricated shaft that enhances durability and operator-friendly controls with a hand throttle. The PowrReverser 12F/12R transmission provides ample speeds for rigorous applications and comes standard with a dual-speed 540/540 economy power take-off that is great for jobs requiring frequent directional changes. The 5090E tractor also has a Hi-Lo PowrReverser 24F/12R option that provides even more speeds with the same specs you love from the original.

Cab Options

With the 5E models, you have the option to choose from the open station, standard cab, or premium cab. Both cab options provide the operator with a climate-controlled environment to work in, protection from the elements, and light options- but the premium cab has more to enjoy. You can get comfortable with the Air Ride seat, adjustable backrest, and ergonomic controls. In the cab, you’ll also find features that will make your job easier such as the Electronic Quick Raise Lower feature. This allows you to raise the rear hitch to transport mode or lower it to a set depth at the touch of a button.

5M tractors

73-128 hp

The 5M tractors were built with more power and stability as well as premium features to handle more challenging jobs. Aside from more horsepower, you can also take advantage of the hydraulic power by performing multiple functions at once, thanks to the open-center hydraulic system. The rugged cast-iron design provides additional heft when heavy hauling is needed. Although these tractors are strong, they are still made to be maneuverable so you can navigate into tight spaces thanks to the 50-degree maximum steering angle and 12.6 ft turning radius.

Transmission options

No matter which transmission you choose, all 5M models come with the Left-Hand Reverser, a feature that lets the operator easily switch directions without manually clutching or braking. Along with this handy feature you can choose from the PowrReverser, Powr8, or PowrQuad Plus transmission. The PowrReverser comes with a two-lever shifter that makes it great for jobs where frequent shifting isn’t required. Choose from the standard 16F/16R speed or optional Hi-Lo 32F/16R speeds. If you will be performing jobs with frequent shifting, the PowrQuad Plus transmission is an excellent choice. It comes with a single-shift lever with 16F/16R speeds. Last but certainly not least, is the Powr8 transmission which makes frequent transport a quick job. With the Powr8 transmission, you can reach speeds up to 24 mph at reduced engine speed. It provides 32F/16R speeds with a single shift lever.

Premium Features

Along with more transmission options you also get more premium features that will add convenience to your work day. The 5M tractors offer front-hitch and PTO so you can operate more implements such as snow blowers, mowers, and more. You will also have an easier time reading vital information about your tractor with the three-screen digital display, available on models with the Powr8 and PowrQuad Plus transmissions. Not to mention, you have access to Precision Ag technology such as JDLink and AutoTrac to automate your productivity.

This is only a fraction of what the 5 Series tractors can do for you. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest Virginia Tractor. Also, ask about our Customer Portal so you can stay on top of your equipment and get access to online shopping for parts and other services.