John Deere 3 Series Tractors for Sale in Manassas, VA

John Deere 3 Series Tractors for Sale in Manassas, VA

Don’t let the compact size of John Deere’s 3 Series tractors fool you. These machines have the power to take on a wide variety of even your toughest tasks. With durable 4WD, up to 45 hp, and features that make operation a breeze, these compact tractors are sure to turn any skeptic into a fan. If you are located in the Manassas, VA area and need a tractor that is as powerful as it is user-friendly, come by Virginia Tractor and check out our John Deere 3 Series tractors.

Things you WON’T have to worry about with a 3 Series

Having a shaky ride

These tractors are small but built tough. All tractors are equipped with 4WD and have a solid wheelbase that gives them good ground traction. This gives them nice stability, which is great for working on different terrains. So whether your terrain is flat or even, grass or gravel, the 3 Series can work with no problem.

Poor performance and power

The 3 Series tractors were created specifically to pack plenty of power in a compact frame. Powered by the Yanmar diesel engine, these tractors have horsepower ranging from 24.7 to 45.3 hp, making them capable of pulling heavy loads and doing serious work. They are also equipped with a two-range hydrostatic transmission that improves performance as well as convenience. With the hydrostatic transmission, you can reach infinite ground speeds and match your speed to your job. This along with no clutching is ideal for applications like loader work where frequent movement is required.

Being a one-trick pony

These compact tractors can do a lot more than load and haul. Cross off multiple jobs on your to-do list with your 3 Series by pairing it with one of the many implement options. You can do everything from digging to mowing, to grading and leveling. There are many possibilities available with this compact tractor. Don’t want to deal with the frustration of hooking up multiple implements? No problem. With easy implement hookups such as the iMatch QuickHitch and the renowned AutoConnect Mid Mount mower deck, getting connected is hassle-free so you can spend more time performing and less time setting up.

Being uncomfortable at the wheel

Each 3 Series model has an operator’s station that is spacious and comfortable so the driver can work stress-free. The 3R models kick things up a notch to give the user the ultimate experience with the optional ComfortGuard cab. This enclosed cab protects you from the elements, allowing you to work in a quiet and peaceful environment. There is a clean air filter included so you can breathe freely without any dust or allergens from the outside. There are a number of other features that add to the experience such as tilt steering, climate-control system, deluxe air-ride seat, sun visor, and much more. 

When you use one of the John Deere 3 Series tractors, you can count on your expectations for a compact tractor being exceeded. If you have any questions or need help finding the right model for you, contact us or visit our Manassas location today!