From Hauling To Mowing

From Hauling to Mowing—Our Compacts Get The Job Done!


Our Compacts Get The Job Done!

John Deere’s compact utility tractors are some of the most well-equipped, convenient and affordable tractors on the market. Looking for a tractor package that's perfect for you? Look no further, Virginia Tractor is here to assist. Determining which compact tractor is right for your operation can be simple once you know what each series has to offer. 

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1023E Tackles everyday tasks around home or small properties.

1-Series Tractors

You might want to consider a 1-Series if you are a landowner looking for an easy-to-use compact tractor that can tackle all the everyday tasks around your home or small property.

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2032R is perfect for homeowners and landscapers looking to boost productivity

2-Series Tractors

If you are a homeowner or landscaper looking to boost productivity around your home and need a machine that can take care of land maintenance as well as complete small projects, a 2 Series tractor might be a good fit for you.

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3025D Compact Utility Tractors pack plenty of power for farmers and landscapers.

3-Series Tractors

You may want to check out a 3-Series if you are a landscaper or small farmer who needs a tractor that packs plenty of power and comes with a few bells and whistles but is still plenty maneuverable.

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4052M can fit .tight spaces and still do the heavy-duty work on the farm, ranch and estate

4-Series Tractors

If you are a farmer, rancher, cattleman, or any other worker in the field and looking for a compact tractor that can fit into tight spaces and still do the heavy-duty work, a 4 Series tractor might be a great fit for you.

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