Compact Tractors for Sale in Loudon Co. Virginia

Compact Tractors for Sale in Loudon Co. Virginia

Loudon County has a rich agricultural history that continues to be written today. With over 1,200 farms and resources such as the Heritage Farm Museum, it should come as no surprise that we take pride in our farming and take it seriously. As serious as we are about our agriculture, we need serious equipment. But serious equipment doesn’t always have to mean a big body and big price tag. That is where our John Deere compact tractors come in. At Virginia Tractor our compact tractors are versatile enough to perform on small plots of land but still pack enough power to take on big operations. Explore our 1-4 Series to find the best fit for your farm or property.

1 Series

For those who work on smaller properties and need equipment to carry out daily operations, we suggest you start your journey at level 1- aka, our 1 Series tractors. The John Deere 1 Series are sub-compact tractors that are affordable and easy to use. The 1023E and 1025R offer simple operation and maneuverability with 4WD and power steering as well as infinite ground speeds with the Twin-Touch foot controls. These sub-compact tractors do not fall short on productivity either- with a diverse selection of implement options and easy swaps, you can do anything from mowing your lawn to tilling your garden bed.

2 Series

If you are managing a small property and want to do some landscaping or minor renovations, our 2 Series tractors might be a good fit for you. Coined as the ultimate mini landscaper, our 2 Series tractors have features and implement options that can upgrade your land without complications. The 2 Series have horsepower that ranges from 24.2 hp to 36.7 hp. You pair that with the high-torque diesel engine and your tractor is ready to work all day. It’s easy to see what makes these tractors great landscapers when you take a look at their features. The CommandCut mower deck lift system allows you to give your grass a custom cut with height of cut adjustments. You can also hook up Category 1 implements in no time with the iMatch Quick-Hitch.

3 Series

If your land or project requires a little more power to get the job done, advance to level 3. The 3 Series has 3 different lineups that all have different strengths to help you best perform in the way that you need to. The 3E models are excellent small farm and landscape tractors that are as economical as they are resourceful with features like Twin-Touch controls and Category 1 3-point hitch compatibility. The 3D tractors pack the power to be the ultimate heavy-hauling tractors in a compact frame. Their heavy-duty drive train with a gear drive transmission makes hauling materials hassle-free. The 3R models are the premium compact tractors made for operators who value comfort as much as precision. An optional ComfortGuard cab, eHydro transmission, and attractive styling are all things you can experience with 3R.

4 Series

For more demanding agricultural and landscaping jobs, check out the John Deere 4 Series. The 4 Series are high-power and high-torque compact tractors ideal for farms, horse operations, recreational properties and more. The 4M models range from 43.1 hp to 65.9 hp and all feature standard 4WD and powerful Yanmar diesel engines. They are also equipped with the features you love from the 3 Series such as eHydro transmission and iMatch Quick-Hitch with extra perks such as the sun-blocking canopies. The heavy-duty models give you even more strength with Category 1 and 2 implement options, bigger tires with deep tread, and four work lights so they can shine in dark places such as a poultry house or cow pasture. The 4 Series allows you to reach utility tractor power in a compact frame.

Our compact tractors leave no room for excuses. There are plenty of options so you can get the tractor that best fits your application. If you need more assistance finding the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Virginia Tractor or visit us at your nearest location.