Compact Tractor Implement Guide

Compact Tractor Implement Guide

Getting a tractor is only the first step to high productivity on your land. To actually knock out tasks, you are going to need the right implements. Compact tractors are compatible with a large selection of implements, giving you the power to fulfill all kinds of jobs. With all these options it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why here at Virginia Tractor we are going to give you the ultimate guide in choosing the right implements for your job so you can see all the things John Deere can do for you.

For transporting materials


Front-end loader

This is the most standard implement that you can pair with your compact tractor. Front-end loaders can be useful for nearly any application. Whether you are transporting firewood or loading and unloading soil for your next product, this implement is essential that all tractor owners should have. It is common to attach a bucket to your loader but can be compatible with more attachments as well.

Pallet Forks

For larger materials that can’t fit in a front-end loader, a pallet fork is an excellent choice. Despite the name, these forks can be useful for more than pallets. They can transport anything from boxes to even tree branches. With these forks, you can stack up materials and even strap them down to make the most of your loading ability.


Grapples are a good choice when it comes to grasping on to materials that might be more difficult to haul with buckets or forks. The claw-like implement can latch on materials firmly so they don’t get out of place. This can be useful for things like brush, rocks, and other loose debris, perfect for a cleanup.

For digging tasks




Backhoes are a great tool for jobs that require a significant amount of digging. They can be useful in a variety of projects from residential to agricultural. Whether you are looking to install an anchor post, plant a tree, or even dig a stump, this is your go-to implement.

Post hole digger

Backhoes are great for large digging tasks but for smaller precise holes you might want to utilize a post hole digger. This is great for installing things such as fences, pole barns, or even planting a small tree.

For preparing garden beds



Rotary Tiller

Ensure your crop reaches its full potential by tilling your garden bed with a rotary tiller. A tiller preps your soil by turning and mixing it so you will have optimal growth potential. This implement can be used in many settings from a residential garden to a full garden bed on a small farm due to its small size.

Broadcast spreader

A broadcast spreader can save you much time planting your seed. You can utilize this implement to spread various materials on your soil from seed, fertilizer, to lime. A spreader can also come in handy in the winter to spread salt in icy areas.

For grading and leveling


Box Blade

Having the right blades is a must for any landscaping task. Box blades are a good place to start. This implement is very versatile and can be used for many grading and leveling purposes. You can use it to level out a gravel drive, build a path, or level some land out for some new infrastructure. Useful for many jobs, this is something you might find yourself using a lot.

Rear Blade

A rear blade can be a great addition to your landscaping tools as well. Rear blades work at an angle and change the pitch from side to side. This makes them great for many gardening, landscaping, and even ditch-maintenance tasks. Snow removal is also an option for the rear blade in the winter months.

For cutting grass

Grooming mower

For managing turfgrass, a grooming mower is an excellent implement to have. Grooming mowers give you a nice precise cut that resembles the work of a standard lawnmower. Hook up one of these to your tractor and create a lawn that friends and neighbors will admire.

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are great for tackling tough and stubborn grasses that a standard mower might not be able to handle. This can be useful for homeowners and farmers depending on the terrain that is on your property. Whether you are dealing with weeds, brush, or tall grasses, the rotary cutter should be able to help.

These implements can be a great start to your tractor journey but there are many more where those came from. To learn about other implements or to find the right one for your job, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest Virginia Tractor today!