Compact Construction Equipment for Sale in Charlottesville, VA

Compact Construction Equipment for Sale in Charlottesville, VA

One thing is for certain, John Deere’s compact construction equipment will get the job done. Maneuverable, durable, and versatile are a few ways to describe this equipment. Its compact size does not take away from its performance but rather adds to it. Unlike standard construction equipment, these machines allow you to work in smaller spaces without any damages or complications. Choose from our skid steer, mini excavator, compact track loader, or compact wheel loader and turn your home projects or small property ambitions into reality. If you are in Charlottesville, VA, come by Virginia Tractor to get started.

Skid Steer

A skid steer is a good choice for users looking for simplicity and versatility. With wheels instead of tracks, you can turn at a much tighter radius, allowing you to easily maneuver through small areas. The wheels are also better to use on even ground, making the skid steer ideal for working on asphalt or finished concrete. Loading, digging, demolition, snow removal and more can be done with this machine.

Compact Track Loader

With over 100 attachment options, compact track loaders (sometimes called track skid steers) can promise you versatility as well. The key difference between the compact track loader and skid steer is, of course, the tracks. The track loaders are best to use on more challenging and uneven terrain being that the tracks give better stability. The stability of the tracks can also make for a smoother ride, increasing operator comfort.

Mini Excavators

Although the skid steer and compact track loader are able to perform digging tasks, the best equipment for any earth-moving task is certainly an excavator. Our mini excavators pack plenty of power despite their small frame, with max horsepower ranging from 14.5 hp to 53 hp. They can also get deep with a max digging depth of up to 12 ft. Our mini excavators also have a zero- and reduced tail swing design that allows you to fully rotate, increasing maneuverability and productivity.

Compact Wheel Loader

The compact wheel loaders can be very beneficial in applications where you need to move quickly and efficiently. They can reach speeds up to 23 mph so you can get to where you need to be fast. The industry-exclusive Articulation Plus Steering system also makes operation easy by combining 30 degrees of articulation with an additional 10 degrees of rear-wheel steering. These loaders not only excel at loading and lifting tasks but can also perform other jobs with the right attachment.

You can be open to a world of opportunities when you utilize our John Deere compact construction equipment. Call us today for more information or visit us at our Charlottesville location to check out the equipment yourself. See what you can do with Deere.