Buyer’s Guide to Small Tractors in Orange, VA

Buyer’s Guide to Small Tractors in Orange, VA

Small tractors, or compact tractors, offer many of the qualities you love about standard utility tractors in a smaller package. Small tractors can fit in spaces larger equipment can’t, making them great options for small farms or your front or backyard. They are also more maneuverable and easier to use, so you don’t have to be a professional to operate them. Virginia Tractor in Orange, VA, has John Deere small tractors that offer many possibilities-- keep reading to see what they can do for you.

1 Series

21.5-23.9 HP

For all the homeowners and landowners who love a good DIY project, the 1 Series might have what you’re looking for. These sub-compact tractors have just enough power and torque to carry out many maintenance tasks around your land. This includes mowing, tilling, grading and leveling, snow removal, and more. With the easy and convenient implement swaps, switching from one job to another is basically seamless. These tractors are also easy to operate. With power steering and the John Deere signature Twin Touch foot controls, you will be zipping around your property.

2 Series

24.2-36.7 HP

For residential and commercial landscaping projects, the 2 Series has everything you need to bring out the beauty of your land. With added power and heavier frames than the 1 Series, the 2 Series tractors can take on bigger projects. Compatible with the 220R loader, these compact tractors can have a lift capacity of 1,120 lbs. You can also customize the cut of your turf’s grass with the CommandCut mower deck lift system, which allows quick and accurate adjustments of the mower deck.

3 Series

24.7-45.3 HP

Designed for small farming and landscaping projects, the 3 Series gives you more options to get your job done right. The 3D tractors are the only compact tractors that have a gear drive transmission. This can be ideal for PTO-driven implements and applications that require precise and steady speeds such as tilling or cutting. The 3E tractors are the economical options of the series giving you everything you need such as TwinTouch controls and 4WD without stretching your wallet. The 3R tractors include premium features to add extra convenience to your operation. You can choose between the 3-range TwinTouch controls or PowrReverser transmission and also enjoy the optional premium ComfortGard cab.

4 Series

43.1-65.9 HP

The 4 Series offer the most power and bulk of the compact tractors. These tractors were made for hard workers and can be helpful in many applications from the poultry house to the field. These tractors are equipped with powerful 4-cylinder diesel engines able to perform under rigorous conditions. The heavy-duty options provide even more opportunities for productivity with Category 1 and 2 implement compatibility. You can get even more out of these implements with the integrated mid-mount loader selective control valve and mechanical rear SCV. The premium options also include added features such as hitch assist and auxiliary 3-point hitch control.