Best Implements for DIY Home Projects 

Best Implements for DIY Home Projects

The great thing about owning a home is it can become an adult playground. This means that with the right tools you have the means to create additions to your home that will enhance its beauty and functionality. With a John Deere compact tractor and an ensemble of helpful implements, you can bring your most desirable DIY home projects to life. At Virginia Tractor we have compiled a list of the best implements to pair with your small tractor for all your DIY needs. Keep reading if you’re ready to get started.


With many projects, there is a great chance you will need to frequently move stuff around. That is why having a tractor loader is essential for the job. A loader typically comes with a material bucket that can help you move and haul materials, as well as scoop and dump them. When selecting a loader it is important to make sure it is compatible with your tractor and has the lift height and capacity specifications to meet the demands of your job.


Many home projects require you to get down and dirty, which is why you need a backhoe on your roster when that time comes. A backhoe is a great tool for jobs that call for digging up large areas of land. It is much more efficient than the average shovel and will require not even half the effort. They can also be used to grasp and transport large items such as pipes or branches.

Post Hole Digger

A backhoe isn’t the only digging implement available. A post hole digger uses an auger to quickly and efficiently drill deep holes into the ground. This comes in handy for projects that involve implanting something into the ground such as burlap trees, poles, or a fence.


There are several types of blades that can come in handy for many landscaping projects around your home. The most essential blades are the box blade and rear blade. A box blade consists of scarifier teeth in the front that break down material and a blade in the back to smooth everything out. This can be useful for grading and leveling land like a driveway or soil or backfilling potholes and ruts in the ground. A rear blade simply consists of one blade that can be angled in different directions. This is useful for grading and leveling as well, specifically smoothing out driveways, returning gravel to a driveway, or even ditch maintenance.

Rotary Tiller

One of the most common DIY home projects is starting a garden. If you’re planning on starting one you’ll want to add a rotary tiller to your collection. A rotary tiller has a set of curved tines  attached to a rotating shaft that digs into the soil to break up any dirt clods or compacted earth resulting in better airflow in the soil. This will do wonders for your seeds and give them great growth potential.

Wood Chipper

Turn lemons to lemonade, or in this case, tree branches to wood chips with the wood chipper implement. If you are dealing with a lot of fallen branches or tree removal you can make the cleanup process much easier with this implement. You can repurpose your wood to make mulch for your garden or even fill a playground area for your children.

Now that you have the basic essentials you are ready to bring your DIY project to life! If you would like more information on implements compatible with your small tractor contact us or visit one of our locations today. Let’s help you create something new.