Mower Conditioners vs Disc Mowers for Harvesting Hay


Mower Conditioners vs Disc Mowers for Harvesting Hay

From the second you cut your hay stem, it’s game time. Metabolic losses already start to have an impact on your crop, so your next moves are critical to success. When you use the right equipment to cut hay and forage, you’re able to preserve a much higher quality of crop. Clean cuts and processes that best match your crop’s and location’s conditions are able to boost your entire hay operation. 

When it comes to hay equipment here in Northern and Central Virginia, what’s your move? We often get asked about the differences between MoCos and disc mowers. Fast speeds, clean cuts, and reliable performance are a few guarantees that both John Deere mowers offer. While they are quite similar in the way they cut, the biggest difference lies in what goes on after the cut. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between mower conditioners and disc mowers.

John Deere Mower Conditioner
John Deere Disc Mower

Mower Conditioner

Disc Mower

How does it work?

Much like a disc mower, a mower conditioner includes small discs that rotate fast enough to cut through grass. What separates this mower apart is the MoCo’s rollers that are able to help condition the fodder.
This non-conditioner mower uses small discs that rotate at incredibly high speeds to cut through grass. Leaving clean cuts behind, this mower uses a high-clearance frame to avoid damage from unseen obstacles.

What are the advantages?

By removing the waxy coat on the crop, MoCos help crops dry faster in unfavorable conditions. This means less waiting time and less chance for poor weather to negatively impact quality.
Disc mowers prevent clogging and feature a transport lift system that saves time and makes it easy to get from field to field.

Which works best on what crops?

Because of its ability to crimp the crop’s stems to allow for a faster dry time, mower conditions are best to use on crops like legumes.
Disc mowers are a great solution for fine stem crops like orchard bermuda, fescue, and brome grass.
If you are looking for reliable hay equipment here in Virginia, give us a call. Our team at Virginia Tractor has plenty of knowledge on both John Deere disc mowers and mower conditioners. If you’re not sure, tell us a little about your operation’s conditions and we will be happy to help you find the best possible solution.