Disc Mowers for Sale in Northern Virginia


Disc Mowers for Sale in Northern Virginia

Is a disc mower right for your operation?

Disc mowers are a great way to keep thick hay and tall grass under control without losing out on consistent cuts. With high speeds and quality performance, this implement prevents clogging and uses hydraulics to provide needed lift for simple transportation from storage to the field. 

At Virginia Tractor, we carry both John Deere and Frontier disc mowers to ensure our customers find a model that fits their needs best. With slightly different features and specs, both brands offer affordable solutions along with relentless performance.


John Deere Disc Mowers

Built with enhanced features to cut the worry out of mowing, the John Deere R Series requires a minimum tractor horsepower of 28 and offers cutting widths from 5’3 to 10’2. 

To protect the machine from unseen debris in the fields, the R Series offers a breakaway feature to absorb impact and lessen potential damages. You can also take on steeper angles in uneven terrain thanks to larger cylinders and tough cutting bars.

Frontier Disc Mower

Frontier Disc Mowers

In order to achieve a clean cut on rough terrain, the Frontier DM50 Series handles a minimum horsepower requirement of 40 hp and includes cutting widths from 6’6 to 9’. 

For easier transport and simple adjusting, the rope system transport latch takes the pressure off getting to and from the job. The quick-remove shear hub assembly makes for easier service, meaning less downtime and lower oil replacement costs for you.

What disc mower should I use for my John Deere 1 Series Tractor?

John Deere implement studio photo

We carry several different disc mowers that cover a wide range of horsepower to make sure there’s something for every tractor. The Frontier DC10 Series Disc Mower Caddy has a minimum horsepower requirement of 15, complying with both the 1023E and the 1025R specs.

This affordable disc mower caddy is designed to offer features that improve productivity on your 1 Series tractor. Simple operation, superior maneuverability, and quick adaptability give operators cutting-edge with a smooth ride. But how so?

The adjustable height clevis hitch easily matches the caddy perfectly to the tractor drawbar height while the hydraulic lift 3-point hitch makes raising and lowering an easy task. By saving time and hassle on implement attachment and removal, you can increase uptime out in the field. Standard John Deere weights allow for a variable integrated ballasting system, improving the machine’s overall stability and performance while ribbed tires take on tough terrains.

If you’re interested in simplifying your mowing chores here in Northern Virginia, give us a call or request more information on our website. Our staff is dedicated to finding solutions for each of our customers, no matter the needs. We’ll work with you to find the mower that best fits your tractor.