Best Hay Implements for Compact Tractors in Warrenton, VA



Best Hay Implements for Compact Tractors in Warrenton, VA

With the right tools and a John Deere compact utility tractor, you can get great results and easy serviceability from your hay operation here in Warrenton, VA. Backed by a history of reliability, our John Deere and Frontier hay implements feature cutting-edge technology and heavy-duty features to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment. 

Checking for compatibility? Our hay equipment can fit multiple John Deere Compact Tractors Series- just make sure the minimum PTO HP on the implement falls in line with the compact tractor’s PTO HP.

How can a Compact Utility Tractor boost your hay operation?

Hay Balers

Round Minimum Tractor Requirement: 55 PTO HP

At Virginia Tractor, we offer both round and square balers to meet different operational needs. Compatible with most 4 and 5 Series tractors, our Zero Series Round Balers feature the MegaWide HC high-capacity feed system that precuts crop as it enters the baler. You’ll benefit from the 80% increase in tonnage per hour. Easier serviceability and centralized grease banks mean less downtime and more potential for output. 

Square Minimum Tractor Requirement: 35 PTO HP

Compatible with certain 2, 3, 4, and 5 Series tractors, our John Deere Small Square Balers feature a field-proven crop control system to make consistent, accurate bales that are easy to stack and even easier to transport. Its offset design puts you in control so you can keep a close eye on monitoring crop flow. In order to achieve big performance, these balers use tight-fitting teeth and narrow strippers to deliver wide, heavy windrows.

John Deere 450 Round Baler pulled by a Utility Tractor

Disc Mowers

Minimum Tractor Requirement: 28 PTO HP

Keeping thick hay down should be the last thing on your mind. With a John Deere Disc Mower, you can handle thick hay at high speeds. The easy-to-attach 3 point hitch is compatible with most 2, 3, 4, and 5 Series tractors, meaning simple hookup and quick operations. The heavy-duty cutterbar stands up to tough cutting conditions while the easy-to-remove disc quill allows for easier serviceability. When you get ready to transport, just lift the cutterbar from cutting position to transport position and you’ll be ready for the next job. For 1 Series compatibility, the Frontier DC10 Series Disc Mower Caddy offers adjustable heights and a dual-bearing tower design for ultimate performance.
John Deere R200 Disk Mower implement


Minimum Tractor Requirement PTO HP: 28 hp

Our Frontier Hay Tedders give you even and consistent distribution in all types of hay. With tine height adjustments available, you can match your equipment to whatever your crop conditions may be. These tedders include flotation tires to turn uneven terrain into a smooth operation. With widths ranging from 16’5 to 27’, you’ll be able to cover more ground in fewer trips.

John Deere TD1316 Tedder implement

If you are looking to improve your hay operation here in Warrenton, VA, consider coupling a John Deere Compact Tractor with a few essential hay implements. Our team here at Virginia Tractor is heavily experienced with hay operations, so give us a call and we’ll help find the perfect solution for you.