John Deere Commercial Mowers for Sale in Prince William County


John Deere Commercial Mowers for Sale in Prince William County

Boost Operation and Increase Customer Satisfaction

There are a few things our customers have in common. They’re all hard workers. They appreciate a valued deal. They strive for quality and efficiency. Where there are similarities, there are also plenty of differences. At Virginia Tractor, we work hard to satisfy each of our customers’ different needs. In order to have something for everyone, we offer a wide range of solutions to make that possible. 

We offer plenty of affordable commercial mowers that deliver high-quality and boost efficiency. Between our John Deere Walk-Behind mowers and our Zero-Turn mowers, you can’t go wrong. But, because we want to make sure you get the most out of your mower, let’s take a look at which one best fits your needs and your customers’ needs.

Which one is right for my operation?

Besides driving style and a uniform cut, there are quite a few differences that set our Zero-Turn Mowers apart from our Walk-Behind Mowers. From the features offered to the components used, it’s time you meet the lineup.

Man pushing a walk-behind mower

John Deere Walk-Behind Mowers

Engineered with a large focus on the operator, these Walk-Behind mowers provide ultimate comfort. The ergonomic controls are strategically placed and positioned for minimum fatigue and smooth operation. With responsive components, you’ll find easy maneuverability to be one of the Walk-Behind Mower’s biggest strengths. 

With sheer curb climbing ability, you’ll be able to take advantage of up to 8.5 inches of ground clearance. Reverse speeds of up to 3 mph help you get out of tight spots quickly and ground speeds are 20% faster than previous generations. With the ability to cut fast while without sacrificing quality, you’ll be able to finish jobs quicker and leave customers happier.

Walk-Behind Mowers    

Horsepower Range    

Mower Deck Range    

Engine Start    

Ground Clearance    

Maximum Speed    

M Series

14.5 HP

36- to 48-inch



6.5 mph

R Series

14.5 to 25 HP

36- to 61-inch



7.5 mph


Two commercial ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers mowing the lawn

John Deere ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

When you drive a ZTrack Mower, nothing is off-limits. The large fuel tank helps you power through large jobs and work full days without interruption while the professional-grade seats keep you comfortable. With convenient controls, you can keep your focus on the job ahead rather than down by your hands. The 7-Iron PRO and Mulch on Demand mower deck offers durable components and delivers high-quality cuts in diverse conditions to ensure customer satisfaction. 

You’ll also find several features to increase productivity while you’re out on the job. With built-in electric controls, you can raise or lower the mower deck and disengage the mower blades easily. The Brake-N-Go system makes for an easy start so you don’t get bogged down between breaks.

ZTrack Zero-Turn Mowers    

Horsepower Range    

Mower Deck Range    

Fuel Options    

Maximum Speed    

E Series

25 HP

48- to 60-inch


10 mph

M Series

23.5 to 31 HP

48- to 60-inch

Gasoline and EFI Gasoline

10 mph

R Series

25 to 37.4 HP

54- to 72-inch

Gasoline, EFI Gasoline, and Diesel

11.5 mph


Find Great Prices and Ongoing Support at Virginia Tractor

At Virginia Tractor, you’ll find dedicated employees who operate with integrity, honesty and respect. We are committed to finding you the equipment that best fits your operation, at the best possible price. With different solutions available, we offer flexible financing options in order to meet your budget.

Our Parts and Service Department works to eliminate downtime with emergency service and regular maintenance checks. No matter the issue, our has a 24/7 parts hotline and after-hours emergency service available for all commercial accounts.