John Deere 3E Series vs Kubota L


John Deere 3E Series vs Kubota L

It’s important to have the right information in order to make an informed decision- especially when it comes to investing in equipment. Reliability, convenience, and performance are a few benefits you can take advantage of for years after your purchase. We created this guide to show you the differences and similarities between the John Deere 3E and Kubota L compact tractors.

What’s the difference between the John Deere 3E and Kubota L Compact Tractors?

John Deere 3E Series
Kubota L Tractor

John Deere 3E Series

Let’s Compare!

Kubota L Series

Yanmar Diesel Engine

The John Deere 3E’s Yanmar diesel engine offers a smooth drive while packing plenty of torque. With 24.7, 31.2, and 37.3 horsepower options at 2500 RPM, you’ll be able to take advantage of fuel-efficient operations.


Kubota Diesel Engine

With an RPM of 2700, the Kubota L Series’ engine burns through more fuel, wears faster, and emits more noise. Kubota offers these tractors with horsepower options in 33, 37.5 and 47.3 hp.

Hydrostatic Transmission

John Deere’s hydrostatic transmission uses Twin Touch pedals for easy maneuverability and reliable steering, making it easy to drive around trees and other obstacles. Separate forward and reverse pedals require less effort for operation.


Standard Gear Transmission

When it comes to Kubota, you’ll find a standard gear transmission on all L Series tractors. For an additional price, operators can upgrade to a hydrostatic transmission. Rather than pressing with your toe, be prepared to reverse by tilting your heel for hours on end.

Composite Hood

It’s common for rocks and material to fall from your loader, but it should never result in damage. John Deere’s 3E Series uses a composite hood to resist potential denting and rusting.


Sheet Metal Hood

Lower quality sheet metal material doesn’t stand up against dents quite like the composite hood does. The Kubota L’s sheet metal hood is much more vulnerable to rusting, denting, and scratching while at work.

Scissor Suspension Seat

John Deere prioritizes comfort without sacrificing performance. The scissor suspension seats keep bumpy rides feeling smooth. Because of the seat’s position, operators have complete visibility of their rear implements during operation.

Operator Station

Coil Suspension Seat

With a coil suspension seat instead, the Kubota L Tractors are more vulnerable to rocky terrain and uneven ground. With a seat that’s more positioned further up, operators often have a hard time seeing their rear implements.

iMatch Quick-Hitch

With the ability to attach rear implements without having to get off your tractor, the John Deere 3E Series makes it easy to switch from job to job.

Implement Hookup

Not comparable

Without a comparable system, the Kubota L Tractors require operators to manually align and attach implements to the hitch.

6.3-ft Turning Radius

Easy maneuverability is a big part of working jobs around the land. With a 6.3-ft turning radius, the John Deere 3E Tractors can maneuver out of tight corners and throughout small barns.

Implement Hookup

8.2-ft Turning Radius

With a 30% wider turning radius, the Kubota L Series isn’t as capable of working comfortably in tighter, more narrow conditions.

Available John Deere 3E Series Tractors


Engine Horsepower    


24.7 hp


31.2 hp


37.3 hp


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