John Deere 3D Tractors for Sale in Central Virginia 


John Deere 3D Tractors for Sale in Central Virginia

As the newest 3 Family Series, the John Deere 3D Tractors offer the heavy-duty power of larger tractors while still granting the convenience and affordability of smaller tractors. By providing the best of both worlds, operators are able to take on tough jobs in tight places. Whether you’re an orchard owner looking to pull through narrow tracts or you’re needing a workhorse to help manage a large property here in Central Virginia, our 3D Tractors have a lot to offer.

Affordable and Reliable Performance

With three horsepower levels offered from 24.7 to 42.2 HP, the 3D Series has something for everyone. Consider what jobs you plan to take on, your land’s acreage, and the terrain you’ll be working on to find the best match. 

Each 3D Tractor offers a heavy-duty drive train and a gear-drive transmission with eight forward speeds and eight reverse speeds, giving you plenty of options to match your application. Known for its rugged components, this is a workhorse that won’t give out on the job. Need evidence? The spiral bevel gear delivers more torque and power to the ground while the column-mounted forward and reverse lever is designed to increase efficiency and comfort while changing directions. Every component on the John Deere 3D Tractors works to deliver ultimate performance.

3D Tractor hauling a wood pile

Built for Heavy Hauling

Doubling what comparable tractors offer, our 3D workhorses feature a standard 4,409-lb hauling capacity. This muscle comes in handy for jobs like transporting heavy material and pulling larger implements around the land. 

These 3D Tractors also include carefully-engineered implement technology to make swaps easy. Hooking up to the Quik-Knect system is easier than traditional systems that require temperamental twisting and turning. Just slide the tractor and implement connectors until you hear a click and you’re ready to take off. We also offer telescoping draft links here at Virginia Tractor so you can easily align rear-mounted implements to attach instantly.

3D Tractor pulling trees through an orchard

Easy to Maintain and Operate

When it comes to operation, the 3D Tractors were designed to make life easy for those behind the wheel. Intuitive controls are located within reach so drivers don’t have to take their focus off the operation ahead. A large wheelbase and wide stance was designed to keep your ride smooth, even on rough terrain.

Our favorite part about the John Deere 3D Tractors? The 10-gallon fuel tank. With a tank large enough to keep you running for eight hours, you can operate your entire workday without having to stop and refuel. 

Shop Virginia Tractor for a Team That’s Committed to You

If you are looking to take on jobs from tilling and cutting to pulling and hauling here in Central Virginia, you’ll be able to appreciate the exceptional value our 3D Tractors have to offer. For more information on our inventory available, our sales team will listen closely to your needs and find the best match for you. 

While you’re shopping for equipment, consider long-term options. At Virginia Tractor, we offer support well after your purchase. Our Parts and Service department is equipped with certified technicians and knowledgeable experts who are prepared to provide you with expert, honest and timely service. Our team works hard to keep your equipment running at the top of its game.