5 Signs Your Lawn Tractor Needs Service

5 Signs Your Lawn Tractor Needs Service

Nothing is more frustrating than making time in your busy schedule for lawn care only to find that you’ll be spending the day doing equipment maintenance instead. Luckily, Virginia Tractor is here for you from the time you purchase a John Deere tractor through the many years thereafter. Whether you need to purchase a part for a DIY repair or are in over your head and need the expertise of a John Deere licensed technician, Virginia Tractor is here to help you every step of the way. Here are 5 signs you might want to service your John Deere before taking it for a spin.

1. Your Lawn Tractor Won’t Start

This definitely puts a damper on those lawn care plans. There are a few reasons a tractor could have difficulty starting. One, check your oil. If your oil is low or old, this can prevent your engine from turning over or cause serious damage to the engine putting you and your machine at risk. Check your oil level before each use and change your oil once per season. If your oil is looking alright, take a look at your spark plugs or battery. Your tractor can’t start without working spark plugs so, you should inspect and clean these regularly to avoid any connectivity issues. Much like spark plugs, your battery can play a huge part in your tractor failing to start. If your battery is dead, has corrosion, or has loose connections, your tractor won’t be performing its best and will need some TLC. 

2. Your Lawn Tractor Cuts Unevenly 

If you’re in the process of tending to your lawn and notice the grass you just cut is uneven, it may be time to service your tractor. Your tractor may have a dull, loose, or unbalanced blade or the blade drive belt could be worn or broken. A bad tire could also be the culprit of the uneven cut. You can do all of these repairs yourself by consulting your operator’s manual or bring your tractor in and a Virginia Tractor technician can take care of it for you.

3. Unusual Machine Movement

You swear you didn’t hit a rock, but your machine is knocking around. And you could have sworn that your tractor used to make it up the hill in your backyard smoother and faster when you first got it. These may be signs it’s time to service your tractor. If your engine starts knocking around in the middle of a mow, your oil may be low and need changing. And if those hills are peskier than they used to be, it may be time to take a look at the riding mower drive belt. The belt may have slipped out of place, worn down, or broken. If you slip your belt back into place or replace it entirely and have replaced the oil and oil filter and still notice an issue, give us a call and one of our service technicians can take a look and have your mower good as new. 

4. Electrical Issues

If you go out to start your spring lawn work and you notice your tractor struggles to turn over, your battery or spark plugs may need to be serviced. A corroded battery or dying battery that won’t hold a charge could prevent your tractor from turning over smoothly. Your spark plugs may also need some attention which only takes 15 minutes. With the mower off and on a flat surface, loosen the spark plug wires and remove the spark plug. If it looks clean, you’re in good shape. If it’s dirty or damaged, give us a call and we can provide you with a John Deere Home Maintenance kit which includes a replacement set of spark plugs along with oil, an oil filter, and a fuel filter. Click here to check out our parts department.

5. You Don’t Remember When Your Lawn Tractor Was Last Serviced

John Deere recommends servicing your tractor after every 50 hours of use or once a season. With a busy schedule, these services may fall by the wayside. Fortunately, Virginia Tractor offers maintenance plans that can ensure you are taken care of every year, all year long for the life of your John Deere tractor.  

All of these services are relatively quick tasks you can handle at home if you have the right set of tools and your operator’s manual. However, if you need some friendly advice or a John Deere Maintenance kit, Virginia Tractor’s service technicians are here for you with specialized brand equipment knowledge to help get your mower out of the garage and onto the grass. Give us a call or visit our service page today.